Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wish I'd Remembered This....

My son and his girlfriend -along with her 5-month-old nephew were down here today for supper and conversation. I had made a big pot of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, onions and carrots today to have for our "St. Patrick's Day" meal because come St. Patty's Day, he'll be on the road, working, and to fix a meal like that for mainly just Mandy and me would involve way too much food for the two of us.

So anyway, we had our little celebration, so to speak, today along with some cupcakes that are actually Peanut Butter-filled Brownie cupcakes -and they were, as you can well imagine, very well received by everyone, especially the two youngest members of the household! I'm gonna be experimenting a bit this week with various dessert items because I am slated to bring a dessert next Sunday to the community Sunday Lenten Service which will be held at our church and I'm trying to find something a bit extra special then to take to that event.

Clate and his girlfriend are currently taking care of her sister's baby since she fell Friday night beside her car and broke both bones in one leg so she's a bit incapacitated now -and probably for a while too. The little guy is a roly-poly, good natured fellow though and Kurtis loves him to pieces. (So does Sammy, the dog, too! Sam's getting his "I'm a guard dog of babies and small children" hat on whenever they come down here now with the baby. Really cute to see how attentive both he and Kurtis are to the baby.)

But tonight she was telling me that she purchased a set of bunk beds -gonna need sleeping space like that for when her boys get here to live -and she's anticipating delivery of 'em this week sometime.

I didn't even think of this when they were here but I should have told her about the bunk beds I had bought years back for my kids and shown her some really neat ones I had seen too in the log furniture line!

Actually, I had bought two sets of bunk beds for my kids when they were small. The first set, white, with two drawers under each bed, were nice because of the extra storage space they provided.

The second set, that I bought about ten years later was the kind that had a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top and that set really worked very well in this house because of the extra sleeping space it provided in no more room than the double bed I used to have in the small bedroom had taken up. And that's really the kind of bunk beds she could definitely make use of with her boys!

I could just kick myself now that I didn't even think of the potential of something like that for her kids.

Boy, these senior moments just seem to come visit me more and more frequently all the time now, ya know!

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