Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Clean Up -Someplace!

I know I've mentioned lots of times in the past about the animals we have here in this house. There's Sammy, the cute little mutt and then too, there's FluffNuts, the goofy orange and white, very lazy Tomcat we have too. Both are really very nice pets -very gentle and patient when the kids turn their attention on them and neither has ever snapped, bit, growled or scratched either of the little ones.

What's more, the cat and the dog are actually very good friends as well -amazing as that may seem because we all know, in general, cats and dogs don't usually socialize with each other.

Sammy is housebroken -for the most part. He does, however, occasionally slip down to the basement (often in the middle of the night) to relieve himself from time to time -when there's no one around available to take him outside right then. FluffNuts was litter trained but has in the past year now, decided he doesn't want to use a litter box and will go to the door and meow like crazy until someone lets him outside.

However, this morning when Mandy and I each got up, we both noticed a really strong odor in the downstairs area here. Not so nice scent of whiz, ya know. But where had one of these two sweet little pets managed to improvise and use as his personal bathroom is the question of the day!

Because by the time we got up, the smell may have been still present but no trace left behind other than that of where the animal had relieved himself -no wet spots or stains anywhere.

So, as a result, I ended up doing a scrub job on the entryway in the front porch, the kitchen and dining room floors too, to try to find and clean-up the problem area that way.

It's times like this when I'm really glad that we don't have a bunch of area rugs to try to clean! We just have one that is about 4x5 ft in the entryway of the front porch and a small doormat type rug in front of that. I tried to clean the larger of those rugs after I scrubbed the floor area there and am hoping that it may have been the place where the "accident" had occurred. The house now smells a bit like lemon thanks to the cleaner I used so that's a bit of an improvement over the other odor, ya know.

I'd like to get a larger rug to put in the dining room, under the table, but thus far, because of the kids still rather sloppy eating habits (food droppings on the floor wherever they sit) I have hesitated to invest in something like that.

And, I think until we manage to make sure neither of the animals is going to christen said rugs, I think that addition to our furnishings will continue to take a back seat a while longer!


Maggie May said...

The trouble with tom cats (especially un-neutered ones)
they tend to spray a fine mist of urine and that could be over a wide area.
Even my neutered ones did this if they felt threatened in any way.
Apart from this naughty habit, they are lovely pets!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

Good thing that all the cuteness tends to outweigh some of those nasty habits pets tend to have now and then!