Friday, March 25, 2011

The Plan for Pretties...

So this evening, Mandy was sitting at the table, looking through a catalog of some sort and I glanced over to see what it was and boy, did I get a surprise.

She was checking out seeds and bulbs from a Flower catalog!

Mandy has always taken a very limited -and the key word here really is "limited" interest in any type of gardening. Oh yeah, she did plant a couple of tulip plants and some daffodils a few years back and occasionally of late, she has been kind of half-heartedly playing with the garden rake on what is supposed to be a flower bed in the front of the house. But overall, that's been about all the interest she's ever shown in that aspect of "decorating" around the exterior of the house.

I'm not one who can talk here though because when it comes to flowers in particular I have no knowledge about growing that kind of stuff, when to plant things, how to plant flowers so that you will end up with a balanced group of blooming things.

And if you put the two of us together messing with that kind of stuff, it spells one thing -disaster!

I've tried a couple of times to get one or two plants of the indoor variety to grow and in each case I killed the poor plants. Well, there was one ivy plant that somehow managed to survive here for almost three years which is truly a record for this house.

I should maybe show her this site about a hydroponics system and tell her this is the kind of setup she really needs to make her garden grow!

Actually, what we really would require is a way to have plants, indoors as well as outdoors, that can thrive with no water, no one weeding around them and certainly, no one talking to them, coaxing them to grow like the nice little posies they were meant to be.

But, apparently Ken has given her some ideas about beautification by having a nice flower garden and if he can nudge her along in that kind of stuff, more power to him.

I know one person who would be happy to look down on the place and see bunches and bunches of flowers of a whole lot of varieties blossoming here and that would be my Grandpa.

He really had a green thumb you see and had a beautiful rose garden along the front of the side yard, several kinds of flowers in the beds across the front of the house as well as a very pretty rose bush that grew on a trellis right by the middle window in the old sun porch and when it was in bloom, it was always so nice to sit out on the sun porch -or better yet, to sleep out there on hot summer nights -and the aroma from those roses would then waft into the room, gently lulling you to sleep with their sweet scent.

So who knows but maybe she has a bit of his green thumb hiding deep inside of her and just waiting to come forward to assist her in her garden plans.

Sure would be nice!

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