Saturday, March 26, 2011


Did I tell you before about my other daughter's fiance and one of his obsession that led to a really neat gag Christmas gift from Mandy?

You know, when I sit down and start to think of things to write about, sometimes the things that pop into my mind are rather discombobulated but, the thing is, since I often suffer from what we refer to here as either "senior moments" or more recently, as having a bit of "chemo brain drain" the thing is, when some of these topics pull up a little story in my past -either distant or more recent -if I don't write about it when the thought enters, then it becomes lost in the fog of my brain.

Like right now for instance -I'm having a discussion of sorts with Kurtis, one that is not exactly wanted either because I was trying to concentrate and remember the details I really wanted to write about here and he, well, he was supposed to be finishing up his supper. The key to finishing up his supper though had a lot to do with his exuberance and desire to just talk -and talk, and talk, and yes, did I mention, talk some more.

Okay, this is an ongoing problem, for sure as he pokes around, fiddling with his food and constantly chattering while doing that. So much chattering that he forgets to eat and also, because the chatter generally involves 20 questions or more too, if I happen to be doing something -like trying to concentrate and write -at the computer, my train of thought often flies right out the window.

Tonight, he decided he had eaten an adequate amount of the roast beef, parslied potatoes and candied carrots and asked if it was okay then for him to put his plate out by the sink. Yeah, go for it and then, you know what you have to do, don't you, I had asked him.

His answer -"Yes, listen!" Well, okay that's part of the rule but what else besides listening is needed was my next question. To which he had replied "Sit on the couch?"

Yeah, Kurtis, that's right but what else do you have to do?

He gave me the correct answer there "Be quiet" and I then asked him -fool that I am -if he knew what it means to "be quiet" and can you guess what the answer was to that?

"No talking!" Woo hoo! A break through there, I thought. But sadly enough I was mistaken about his understanding of that bit of instruction as the very first thing he did after taking his plate to the kitchen was to come up to me, at the computer, and begin rattling some more directives off to me -most of which I was also unable to understand either!

ARRGH! Sometimes, ya know, I just want a few extra minutes of uninterrupted time!

And now, back to my original story.

Seems the daughter's fiance has this thing he does, like clockwork, every single day as soon as he comes home from work as he goes through the entire house, checking every single door and window to make sure each one is latched (locked) properly.

When she told my son and I about this habit of his, we asked her why he insists on doing that and she said his reasoning is that he wants to make sure of the security in and around their house.

Say what?

Yeah, you read that correctly and as you can well imagine too since most of you know a little about my sense of humor (and my son's often mirrors mine), we both totally cracked up laughing and couldn't wait to get back home to tell Mandy about this. She too found the whole story really comical too and as this happened shortly before Christmas and she was in her normal mode of searching online for various nifty little gift items, it just so happened she came across a tee shirt, adult sizing of course, that said just one word "SECURITY" and she quickly ordered that shirt to give to him for his gift that year. Funniest thing about it ultimately though was that the only ones who got the joke -me, my son, Mandy and my older daughter. It went right over his head and below his knees at the time and older daughter had to explain it to him on their way home!

And all this talk then about security and stuff brings to mind something that also happened earlier this evening when Sammy began barking loudly and I heard someone banging on the front door. I went to open the door and couldn't get it to open -because apparently someone in the house had decided to invent his own form of home automation and security by locking the darned front door!

Seems that Kurtis, for whatever reason I have no clue, had yes, gone and locked the front door so his mother, coming back from working out at the church, was unable to get in until I could figure out which lock it was he had turned on there!

Kids! Just one big "go figure" with 'em and that doesn't change all that much sometimes even after they are adults -grown and out of the house!

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