Friday, March 11, 2011

Reorganization Needed -Badly!

Boy, does my kitchen ever need help -BIG TIME!

The drawers in my cupboards so crammed full that it makes finding things you need to work with, to cook with, really difficult to find and also, it's making the drawers really difficult to close too!

Whose fault is that? Mostly, I suppose it's mine -for having so much stuff stuffed in there but also, it's because other people, when they put things away, don't bother to look to see where some things -like special knives, for example -go in the holder in the drawer which cuts down a little bit on the jumbled-up mess the drawers have become!

But I saw a neat thing online tonight that maybe I could actually employ too and that was putting little hooks under my wall cabinets that would allow me to hang various cooking tools there in a bit of an organized fashion -above the counter area where I usually mix things together when I am baking, I could have the tools I use mainly for that kind of stuff there and in another section under the cupboards, I could have the spatulas and ladles I use more for stuff I'm cooking on the stove hanging there.

It looks like it would be an easy enough thing for me to initiate this in my kitchen and also, one that would be really inexpensive to do too.

The drawback though would be I'd then be wanting to buy all new stuff too because some of those items are definitely looking a bit raggy after years of use now!

Oh well, it does sound to me like a darned good excuse then to buy some new stuff there, don't you agree?


Travis Cody said...

I know what you mean. We don't have that much stuff, but we have a small kitchen so there isn't room for the little we do have.

We'll address that when we start designing our remodel.

Maggie May said...

Some of the raggedy bits..... I deliberately hold onto for some reason. I guess we get used to the feel of certain utensils.
They are like old friends.
Maggie X

Nuts in May