Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Good Daughter

You know, I have to say this (and heaven knows, I don't say it nearly enough) but my daughters are both really great people! Yep, they most certainly are.

Okay -I confess there are times one, sometimes both of them, do tick me off a little bit, but I'm talking here about overall, both of them are really great all-around people regardless of what some twits here and there may try to say about them.

They just don't know them the way I do. Translated, of course, that means I love them, both of them -and just as much as I love their brother too!. (I had to throw that in for good measure, ya know!)

Take today, for example. Mandy knew I had wanted to go to church this a.m. but also must have figured out early on in the day too that I was really whipped and not feeling quite up to par -lots of aches and pains today so I slept a lot longer than I usually would. It helped a good bit -not quite enough as the back has still been aching off and on all day -but a little improvement is better than no improvement.

She even made a special run to the store in Kylertown to get me a copy of today's Sunday paper -Pittsburgh Post Gazette -which I like because they have a good TV guide magazine section and also, they usually have three -not just one -but yes, three, crossword puzzles on Sunday too! Of course, one is I think from the NY Times and I'm lucky if I can figure out 2 or 3 answers on that puppy though -which I find a bit depressing but anyway, such is life in the fast lane, right?

Today's magazine insert (Parade, maybe?) had a feature in it on jobs people across the country have and what they get paid along with some corresponding stuff about some of those same jobs as seen in various tv shows too. Like "Parks and Recreation" as well as "The Office."

They focused on a guy from the Scranton area and his job, compared to that of Jim, on "The Office" to portray sales jobs as an example and boy, that had me thinking I must have been looking for decent paying work in all the wrong places back when I was still working, still employable, ya know!

But, I have done sales work in the past and I'll say this for that kind of work, that it's a lot harder than most people think it is! Of course, I'm comparing apples to oranges here because the biggest sales job I ever had was selling Avon and I did that for a little over 18 years! It has its good points, for sure, but it is a sales position that one really has to work darned hard at in order to be successful with it, that's for sure.

However, considering I did that for 18 years, it wasn't all that bad either. Got me out and about and gave me opportunities to make lots of friends of people who lived in and around my area who I might never have met otherwise, and that's definitely worth something.


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terri said...

I've seen that feature in Parade several times over the years and it always amazes me the vast differences in what people make. I've done several different things in my lifetime, but can't say I've done sales and I'm not sure I'd be real good at it either. BUT... I guess I'd try anything that helped me earn a pay check.