Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Real Blessing!

Did you know I have an anniversary -of sorts -coming up this week?

On March 17th, to be exact, it will be eight years since I was initially diagnosed with cancer -colo-rectal cancer to be precise.

I had chemotherapy and radiation, then surgery, then more chemotherapy after the therapy and although initially it was believed I would be able to rejoin the work force after the surgery and chemo, as things worked out, that wasn't to be.

I had a few other issues that came about and made me unable to return to work and as a result of that, I had to apply for social security disability.

When I first applied for disability, my application was turned down but I learned this is often the case and was advised then to re-apply. Thankfully, my second application was approved though and I then received disability until I turned 65, at which time, it was then switched over to regular social security retirement benefits.

Although at times it can be rather difficult to get approved for disability through social security, it is well worth appealing any decision that may have gone against you if you know that there is no way your system can withstand the physical and also, mental, pressures involved in holding down employment in your previous type of employment.

Since 2003, and my initial diagnosis, I have had several surgeries and also, last summer was diagnosed again with cancer. However this time it was a different form of cancer and not coming from the first diagnosis.

There are still many things I can do but I just can't do them in a sustained performance as I could before my illness and the complications that came about after the first surgery.

For openers, I can still type and for the most part, I can still think too. So I can occupy my time by writing my blog or e-mailing friends, things like that, which I don't have to do if my body is not being cooperative with me on any given day -which it does have a tendency now to be a bit contrary with me from time to time, ya know.

But ultimately I have to say this about the social security disability program and that is that it is truly a life saver as without that income, I would have lost my house and who knows what else and who knows where I would be today without that as well as medicare!

Two wonderful programs, both of which need to be maintained for generations to come because none of us knows what might befall us and prevent us from earning a living.

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Travis Cody said...

It's been a tough road for you the last eight years, but you've managed to persevere. Well done!

I share your sentiments that disability programs are important. We just never can know what is going to be in our future. Not only do these programs help us when we're faced with complicated and expensive circumstances, but they give us the peace of mind when we're healthy that there's help to be found if things go bad.