Monday, March 07, 2011

Reading ....And Writing?

Some days, I have more ideas racing through my head pertaining to blog posts and such that I just can't seem to keep track of all of them! Seriously, that many!

Other days, nothing pops into my head, it seems.

I used to be a real fanatic about reading books -always seemed to have one I was reading and another waiting in the wings for me to pick it up and whiz through it. But for the past two years now -since I got on this kick for doing embroidery -I've read very little. Although I do have a stack of books in my room that I bought via Barnes and Noble and my lovely little membership with that company about two years ago now, I have yet to dig in and read them. Just can't seem to get motivated in the reading department like I used to be.

I am however now reading a new book that Mandy bought last week for us -got it the very day it was released and it's by our favorite author -Jodi Picoult. Her newest production titled "Sing You Home" and I started reading it this past Saturday. I've got 51 pages down and a little over 400 to go before I finish and then, I'll be back here posting to anyone interested about whether or not I loved the book, ya know.

I've always had an interest in writing too though -even took a little stab at it a few years back when there was a little local monthly newsletter type publication running here and I wrote a few pieces for it. I really did enjoy doing that -a lot -and even got a lot of comments and praise too for many of the articles I did for that little piece of print. I've had several people over the past few years mention to me the idea of perhaps writing a book and I won't lie and say that the thought never crossed my mind at times -cause it has -but it's also an idea that pretty much is dormant in my mind most of the time now.

Why? Well, for openers, because I already determined that I can't do fiction mainly because I can't do dialogue to save my weary soul and dialogue is pretty much an important item in a work of fiction, I think.

I had thought for some time about the research I was doing fairly seriously about the local area's history and such but a couple of years back I sort of lost interest for a good long while in the research and that idea, while it still sort of resurfaces from time to time, hasn't come back to me like a manic high that it used to be and which I think would be necessary to have too.

So much though about writing -whether it be essays or articles or yes, even a book -and publishing though that I haven't a clue about, ya know. Things like Velo Bind for example, which is just one little thing about which I have nary a clue and I'm thinking it would be something I'd need to study up on should I ever decide to venture forth into the writing realm.

I have dabbled a bit recently though back into the research I had been working on a few years back -trying to see if I can light a little bit of a flame there again. So far, it hasn't caught though. But the idea still is there now and again and until I get a flame lit that catches and burns bright, I guess it's gonna stay pretty much dormant for a long while again.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days though....


pomsand said...

I too love to read. And I have a book by Jodi Picoult called (The Pact)She is one of my favorite authors. I also love James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks.

terri said...

I just finished "Sing You Home" and really enjoyed it. I'll refrain from saying anything more though. I want to hear your thoughts after you finish reading it and maybe we can compare notes.