Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Careful, Ms. Graceful!

So, here I am tonight making this nifty dessert and I find myself needing to get a disposable baking pan set out to use for the item I'm making and what do I discover?

The darned disposable pans I had purchased are on the open area above my wall cupboards and out of my reach unless I use one of the two step stools we have here!

When I am cooking or baking, I generally try to make sure someone else is here then too so if I need anything up high, I can get them to reach it for me. (Lucky me that all three of my kids are taller than me -especially my son, who is a long tall drink of water at about 6 foot 2 inches and can generally reach most anything I need without standing on a thing to make himself a bit taller!)

I don't mind using the step stools all that much as long as someone else is here though mainly because they both tend to totter a bit when you stand on them and heaven knows, I am not the most graceful individual in the whole world, for sure and I really don't relish the thought of being here alone, standing on one of those rickety things and lose my balance and risk falling.

Next thing you know, I'd be posting here "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Except I don't know if I'd be able to creep then to the computer to even send out a message like that and who the heck might be available to see the post and rush to my aid in the first place?

Well, one good thing I can wait a bit to get those pans after all and have my son get them for me as I had to put in an emergency phone call to him to stop in town at one of the grocery stores and pick up a container of cool whip for me to use on the stuff I'm making! He just LOVES getting calls like that from me, ya know. (NOT!) I thought I had a full container of the cool whip in the freezer but when I went to get it out and let it start to soften up, I discovered that someone has apparently been in that container and nibbling on the stuff in there!

Don't you just love when people undermine you that way? (My daughter would probably say that maybe I should check my own actions there first though cause perhaps I was the one who had been into the container and used over half of it up and then, forgot I'd done that too. It could have happened that way but I'm not accepting the blame for that right now anyway!)

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