Saturday, March 05, 2011

Old Friends!!!

One thing I really love about having a computer here is being on Facebook!

I don't post all that much on FB but I do enjoy the ease with which I can keep in contact with family as well as friends that are scattered all over the country.

Take tonight for example.

I happened to see my former next-door-neighbor's daughter -who lives down in the Miami area now -had just posted some photos of herself and some other people and seeing that, I checked over in the chat area to see if she was still on line, which she was, so I had a chance to chat with her for a little while.

Always nice to have a chance to talk to Tina! I grew up next door to her Grandparents and her Mom and siblings so I know the whole family from way back. When my kids were born, Tina's parents bought the family house from the Grandparents so my kids grew up then with Tina and her siblings.

Then, my now ex-brother-in-law married Tina's older sister and they had three children so my nieces and nephew there are also Tina's nieces and nephew too and the relationship still continues on between my family and hers.

Tina and her next younger sister often used to babysit for my kids when they were little and then, when Tina graduated from high school, she got a job working at the local truckstop in Kylertown so we both worked together there for a while too -until she decided it was time to get away from Pennsylvania and she moved down to Florida where she has done very well for herself over the years.

But talking to her tonight makes me very sentimental too because it makes me realize how much I miss not having her family -or at least someone from the Little Clan living next door to me anymore!

I told her tonight if she or her sister Patti are still interested in buying a house up here that the house across the road will be up for sale probably the end of April sometime. Who knows but maybe she or Patti will decide to look into buying that house and using it as a "vacation" home for now. Would make for a great place for them and any other of their many cousins to have a place to stay when they all come back home usually over Memorial Day Weekend for their huge family reunions.

And for me, that would be just super to have one or both or several of that family camping out there from time to time too.

Make me feel like things are really back to what I would call "normal" here once again, ya know!


Smalltown RN said...

I know it's hard sometimes isn't. Reminicing thinking about the good ol days....times gone by and fond memories.

When my parents immigrated to Canada they don't know a soul. Their journey to Canada took them via boat and then a train from Montreal to Vancouver...can you imagine five childern with one of the only 3 months old on a train for 6 days! Oh I couldn't imagine.

But this journey would have them meet our long time friends which we dearly call Aunty Mary and Uncle Karl. I have known them all my life...they are like blood relatives to me.

I grew up with their one point when her and my mom had babies at the same time she ended up breastfeeding one of my sibs as my mom was at the store.....

So yes I know how close friends can be.

I enjoyed your story.

terri said...

Facebook is wonderful in that way - enabling us to reconnect with people from our past who we might otherwise not have a chance to connect with again. Just last week, one of my childhood friends found me on Facebook and we're planning to meet for coffee. Can you believe that we live a matter of a few small miles apart? And in the past 20 years we have never once run into one another!