Friday, March 11, 2011

Orders Are Orders!!!

The other day, while talking to Maya's therapists (who come and work with her at the house), she mentioned something about going away this weekend. This really caught me by surprise and I asked her when and where she was going to be going and she insisted she had told me about these plans well over two weeks ago.

Now I know I am often a bit senile. Okay, downright forgetful, Okay? And yes, she had mentioned a while back that she and Ken wanted to go down to southern Maryland so he could visit his dad but she had never told me that they had finalized those plans and that it would be today -Friday, March 11th -that they would be going on that little trip although she insisted she had told me all about that.

Well, if she had mentioned it and had told me the kids were both going to be going up to stay with her friends, Jenn-Jenn and Nick and their children, today and until they return here tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I would have remembered that part of her planning.

So anyway -the plan was that as soon as she got Maya on the bus and off to school this a.m., they would be leaving.

That leaves Kurtis and me here, just the two of us, until it's time for his van to show up to pick him up and take him off to his school around 11:30 a.m. and after that, it's just gonna be me here, all by my lonesome then for the next day and a half.

Mandy woke me up this a.m. shortly before 8 a.m., so that Maya could give me a hug and kiss goodbye before going to the bus stop. She also informed me that Kurtis was already awake and was in the living room watching his beloved cartoons. (I used to enjoy cartoons -many years back -but the ones these days to me, leave a lot to be desired! ) And she also said that Kurtis had given orders too that before Mommy left, Gram was to get up and come in the living room with him, but more than that, I was to sit in the computer chair by the computer!

Translated, that simply means that Gram's presence was wanted but that her fingers had best not be messing with the remote control to the TV set and had best not be changing the channels away from his cartoon-filled fun-time this morning!

Aye, aye, Captain! Your wish is my command and so it is that after two hours this far of cartoons, I still have at least another hour to endure this crapola before I can branch out and watch Ellen and then, after that, anything else that happens to trip my trigger for viewing purposes today and tomorrow too!

Tomorrow though, I have to make sure my sweet son gets the message that I will be in need of his bringing my jeep down to me bright and early because I have to fix some kind of a dessert type food to take out to church -before 11 a.m. tomorrow -to help provide lunch for a conference that is taking place in our church social hall.

I've been debating a bit what to fix for that -cake, some kind of bar cookies perhaps? I even bought a little cookbook -by either Pillsbury or Taste of Home, not sure now which company put this one out -but anyway, it's all cupcake recipes and decking the cupcakes out to make them a little extra special.

If you'd see the accumulation of cookbooks, of many different varieties, I already have on hand here, you'd know that the last thing I really needed was this particular magazine-type cookbook with only cupcake recipes in it. But, the cover on this one was so appealing that well, I just couldn't resist buying it! And yes, I did find some interesting ways to fix some really yummy, very appealing, cute, or downright pretty, cupcakes I might consider fixing.

However, it seemed each recipe that I found that really turned me on also required either whipping cream or buttermilk -or some kind of other process that indicated making this or that would involve something I abhor in the kitchen called WORK!

I'm a lazy cook you see. I like stuff that when it's being made, is very easy to throw together and when it's done, ready to serve, looks like I have suddenly become the original Marshmallow treats Grandma, who can lean back against the wall or door frame and announce that I had just slaved all day making this item, so enjoy the fruits of my labors!

I think however, in view of my lack of ambition and energy right now, I'm going to go with a dish that is tried and true and yes, is very, very easy to fix, plus it requires absolutely NO baking either.

I think I'll fix a pan of "Banana Split Cake" because it fits all the criteria I mentioned above for a great dessert entre!

Maybe the next event at church, a week from this Sunday, when I volunteered to fix a dessert for serving at the community Lenten service to be held at our church, I'll get more energetic and actually make a baked dessert for that.

Then, I have to keep my self oriented yet again for our next Women's Group meeting for which I promised I will be the one who will bring the goodies to that meeting for us to munch on then.

For me, these days, that's a whole lot of messing in the kitchen fixing some kind of a "treat" type item. That's something back in my working days, I often would take some kind of cookies or cake or whatever else caught my eye, tripped my trigger, into work almost on a daily basis.

Those days are long gone now though and as a general rule, I have to be pretty much in the mood, have the spirit come and touch me, over and over, before I get busy and do any baking of things along those lines.

But just as I am now following Kurt's orders to sit by the computer in the computer chair (he didn't however say specifically that I had to blog though) I will also start trying to gear myself up for roughly 36 hours, at least, then of peace and quiet without the grandkids here.

I'm gonna be really lonely then too -just thought I'd tell you that, cause it's the truth!


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

My day is not complete until I see Ellen. I love her!

pomsand said...

Well enjoy your peace and quiet! And, count the hours until they come back because you will miss them!