Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Mishaps

This morning, Kurtis was playing here in the living room with Sammy, the dog -chasing him all over the place, grabbing one of Sam's toys and then, playing their own little game of "tug of war" here.

Sounds sort of peaceful enough on the surface, doesn't it?

Well let me tell you, appearances are really deceiving.

The flooring in the living room and dining room in this house are both hardwood floors. Granted, they need refinished but no point in having that done while these two kids -heathens that they can be at times -are the way they are these days!

And this morning was darned good proof of that too.

Kurtis was running around, chasing Sammy and didn't have shoes on -just in his stocking feet and in the process of their playing, Sammy managed to get tangled up under Kurt's feet, which sent Kurtis flying, face first on to the floor.

Of course, he immediately burst into tears as I'm quite sure it didn't feel very good to land the way he did and so, Mandy tried to calm him down, got him to get up and come over to where she was sitting -just in front of where he had landed -and she tried to elicit from him the usual information about where he was hurting.

So, she asked him, "Kurtis, where did you get hurt?"

His response was to point to a spot on the floor and he said, "Right there!"

Which of course had both Mandy and I giggling then and he was really a bit confused I suppose, wondering why Mommy and Gram were both laughing at him when he'd just gone a-over-teacups!

Eventually, Mandy did get him to point, appropriately, to whatever area on his abdomen or arms he had landed on and yes, a kiss on those spots made for a very quick recovery then too.

However, judging by the way he immediately began the chase all over again with the dog on the hardwood floors, I guess he still didn't learn his lesson there.

But boy, just think how much faster he probably would have gone into a slide if these floors were all resanded, refinished and polished up though?

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Travis Cody said...

LOL! I've been in the tough position of trying not to laugh at my niece when she was trying to be serious, but said something hilarious and didn't know it.

You probably know don't want to be on the receiving end of the justified ire of an indignant 4 year old.