Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Covered?

I'm quite sure you, like me, (and if you watch TV at all) have seen all the various ads there about insurance -car insurance, homeowners insurance and yes, life insurance too.


But did you know there are various steps you should take for example, if you want to purchase different types of insurance -steps that will tell you exactly how to buy life insurance online.
I personally adhere to the idea that purchasing insurance is a good thing to do. Granted, I suppose some people might get a bit carried away with that and could possibly make themselves "insurance poor" as a result, but it's something I think everyone should at least look into and purchase some type of insurance, even if all you can afford is a small policy, that is much better than having no insurance whatsoever.

But then, I developed my ideas about life insurance when I was just a child and the insurance agent who represented the company through which my grandparents as well as my mother had purchased policies then, came around to our house every month to collect on those policies and to also, from time to time, recommend that they review them to make sure their coverage was adequate.

My grandparents and my Mom were strong believers in carrying life insurance and they did a good job, I think, of putting that idea firmly into my mind then too. As a result, I have always had a life insurance policy on myself ever since I got my very first job. It was one of the first commitments I made way back then to take out a policy on ME so that if/when something happens to me, my kids now won't have to worry about how to pay for my funeral, at least!

Think about that aspect if you haven't already and especially if you don't already have life insurance.

Just one more way to protect your kids after you're gone, ya know!

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Suldog said...

We used to have an insurance man come by, and he was like an uncle of sorts, part of the family because he truly cared and was around. Nowadays, that sort of service is so rare...