Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Touch!

Kids! The things they get into.

Thankfully, thus far, Maya and Kurt aren't yet into the phase of getting into big people things and using them -or trying to use them, let's put it that way.

I can hardly wait for that bit of turmoil to begin!

Remember, I've been down that road before ya know, with three kids of my own and boy, some of the things that they -well, mostly my son -got into. It's a wonder I didn't go bald a long, long time ago from pulling my own hair out with him!

When we moved into this house -which had belonged to my Mom and my Grandparents before her -there were all kinds of things here -shovels, spades, hoes, rakes (garden and lawn variety), tools of just about every type imaginable too -wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, saws -you name it, my Grandpa had it either in the basement, the old garage or the old wood shed.

Somehow or other, just about every type of gardening equipment as well as the wide variety of tools -for carpentry, plumbing, other types of work you need special equipment for to do household repairs -has virtually disappeared over the years.

Back when I was working at my first ever full-time job (at the old Cigar Factory up in Philipsburg) and earning all of $1.25 an hour too, I bought a set of cutlery that was, even back then, quite pricey. The set contained a butcher knife, a chopping knife, a carving knife and bread knife, along with a trimmer knife and paring knife. There was also a full set of other cooking tools plus, as an added bonus, a set of 12 steak knives. I still have, I think, all of the spoons and utensils as well as all the knives in the main set however, the steak knives have all completely disappeared over the years as has the trimmer knife.

To be totally honest too, the carving knife that I currently use though is not the one that came with the original set. That knife, although still in my knife drawer, is not all that useful as utility knives go since my son decided to use it to trim the base of a Christmas Tree with it one year. Nope, that might have been a darned nice carving knife, serrated edges, stainless steel, and all that good stuff, but up against the trunk of a nice pine tree, it didn't have quite enough edge to it!

The steak knives -those items are also among the missing thanks to my dear son too! I have no clue what on earth purposes he may have had in mind when he snuck each of them out, over time -probably used 'em for digging roads for his Tonka trucks early on and then later, after he'd depleted my supply of other tools, used the knives as make-shift screwdrivers or some such thing.

The trimmer knife -which was really my overall favorite of the whole bunch -well, actually I've gone through two of those. One which I think my son may have lost somewhere along the line and which I replaced and the second one, which even had an ivory handle whereas all the rest had a dark brown handle, I rather suspect my ex-son-in-law managed to inadvertently dispose of in the trash.

Don't ask me why or how he could have done that, but seeing as I have searched high and low in this house, every possible nook and cranny where it could have been left or landed -whatever -and it has never turned up after he had used it last!

Isn't it just such fun and games though as one travels through life wondering where in the heck all these things do go?

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Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

There have been so many things over the years that have disappeared. I have no clue. I'd wake up one day and ask, "where is...?" Weird how things disappear.