Sunday, March 06, 2011


Yeah, we've all (in the North East section of the U.S. anyway) been singing that song "Oh the weather outside if frightful" for quite some time now, haven't we? But the past two weeks, we had a couple days that were nice, rather pleasant reminders that spring is just around the corner.

And then, we have a day like today when the weather does indeed turn very frightful once again!

My son has to be up to where he parks his rig over the weekends around 6 p.m. tonight and he was planning on driving up there in his old, yellow truck which is I think a 1971 Chevy pickup that his Dad restored and Clate bought from him. That truck is my son's pride and joy, for sure, but it is definitely not the kind of vehicle you would want to drive over 40 miles in blinding snow such as we are getting right now -and have been on the receiving end of this stuff all afternoon here too.

Initially, the weather forecast for this area was for "just rain" for today, then it was changed to read that we could expect 1-2 inches of snow, tapering off. Well, right now, I'd be willing to bet that we have at least four inches of new stuff on the ground and no sign of the snowfall letting up any time soon either. It's one of those snows that you sure wouldn't be trying to measure it by micrometers to get the depth. All one needs to do is try to take a simple-minded mutt for a "potty walk" and you can see easily by how far up the side of your boot that the snow is that it's well over the miniscule range!

I got Mandy and Ken to take Clate up to get his rig so he wouldn't have to risk life and limb -his and anyone else crazy enough to be on the highway -cause he'd never be able to make it up to the trucking area in his yellow truck. The kids are at their Dad's for the afternoon and he should be enroute with them now, bringing them home.

Because Sammy was driving me a bit bonkers with his not so subtle clues that he wanted to go outside (this after I had tied him out in the yard earlier so he could do what he needed but that idea only lasted about one minute before he was throwing himself against the front door, begging to be let back inside) and because once the kids get back home I can't take the mutt out and leave the kids alone for even 2-3 minutes ya know, so I got all decked out -snow boots, Norwegian helmet hat, heavy hooded coat, scarf, mittens -the whole nine yards (looked like Nanook of the North for sure) and away we went for a walk.

I wanted this to be a quick walk but that went down the tubes when the neighbor across the street had let their little black Scotty out to run (on his own) and I had Sam on the leash, watching him go bonkers over the possibility of finding another dog playmate! The neighbor came out and snatched their dog up and took him back inside and I continued on down the road and Sam -for a short while then -was back on track whizzing at every possible spot along the way. That lasted until we got down by Maya's girl friend's trailer and their little bitty dog was outside and ready to romp, big time! She chased Sam, led him on chases in which he couldn't come close to keeping up with her and cracked me up as she would come tearing down the road, bouncing through the snow that was almost as high as she is and racing towards Sam at break-neck speeds, at the last minute, she would do this neat little jump over him -like she's some kind of ballerina dog or some such!

All that racing and chasing around with Miss Pugsly just got Sam's pea brain totally discombobulated to where he forgot for about 15 minutes just what the mission was for us to be outside in this crappy -er, I mean lovely, picture-postcard beautiful -weather! Finally, she gave up the ghost and ran back home and Sam then got back to the work at hand -success!

So now, hopefully, he is good and tired and all watered and otherwise emptied out for the night now!

Gad, I do hope this is the "onion" snow!!!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Honestly, the snow this year y'all have endured is insane.

terri said...

More snow? Enough winter already, I say. We're supposed to get a little bit more early this week too. We had some flurries this afternoon and they are predicting a few more inches come Tuesday. Ugh. I'm sick of it. Sammy sure doesn't seem to mind it though!