Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cool Ideas or Just Wild Hairs?

Ya know, you gotta hand it to my daughter, Mandy, here for some of the ideas she comes up with for things she'd like to do, or plans to do, or sometimes, has even already purchased the materials without any further insight into things and just starts doing sometimes.

I admire the fact that she's always looking for things she thinks will improve the appearance of our old house -inside and out.

She's been figuring on having enough from her tax refund this year to -hopefully -get the house re-roofed for openers. A big idea, yes. One that is needed? Oh, definitely! They say the average lifespan of a roofing job is roughly 20 years and if that's the case, the shingles on this place are long, long overdue for replacement, that's for sure. The last time the place got new shingles was prior to 1979 -before my Mom died anyway -so probably 1977 or 1978 which makes this roof then at least 33 years old and well past its prime.

But shingles aside, Mandy always likes to watch those home improvement shows on tv too and sometimes gets ideas, or notions, about what she thinks would be really cool -if we had the money -and things that she likes that aren't too far out of bounds financially and thus, something maybe worth studying a bit further.

Her latest idea is to find an interesting way to "brighten" up the kitchen and her first idea now is to look into something to put on the wall that runs behind the sink and above most of my kitchen counter area. Right now, there is white paneling there that was put in back in 1989 -22 years ago -when I had the kitchen re-done.

Yes, that paneling could stand to be replaced to make the kitchen look a little prettier but the stuff Mandy's been looking at lately now, doing her remodeling dreaming about, ya know -are these glass mosaic tiles.

She insisted I take a look at some of the various tile choices available and Ken says "Oh, they are durable and very easy to clean too." Hmmm. Was he trying to tell me something about the appearance of my white paneling all along that wall? That's okay -I know it's got spatters on there that are ingrained into the paneling long ago now and all the scrubbing in the world won't make 'em break loose either. A good selling point though -also one that maybe would look really pretty provided the right colors were chosen.

I'll let her dream on a bit more about this and see -if she has Ken take measurements and such -and if she does the math on cost then, who knows, maybe it could be a revamp idea that wouldn't require a small business loan.

Never know until she looks into it though, will we?

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terri said...

Glass tiles are really pretty... and all the rage right now too. Hope she can figure out a way to get some!