Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Nightmares on Overload!

Dreams -the ones we do in our sleep (not those day dream things most of us have about winning the lottery or some such neat thing like that) can be quite perplexing at times, can't they?

Definitely will set your awake mind in gear wondering what in blazes must have been rolling around in the sub-conscious areas of our minds to conjure up some of the scenes that roll out while we sleep though, that's for sure.

This past week must have been the week deemed "Nightmares on Cooper Avenue" though because both Mandy and I had some weird, down right crazy -and a bit scary on some levels too -dreams recently.

Hers, she told me, consisted of being someplace -she couldn't figure out where this dream was taking place -where she was being chased by her nephew, Alexander, and our neighbor two doors down the street from us -husband of my bestest life-long friend! Alexander showing up in a dream for her isn't something all that far-fetched, nor would be dreaming about him chasing her around, trying to wrestle with his aunt, or trying to scare the living daylights out of her too because he does do things like that with her, to her, in real life.

But how Jim -the neighbor -got into this weird video of her, who knows!

Last night, at the Shrove Tuesday supper at our church, (pancakes and sausage meal cooked and served up by the men of our church), Jim was there, working the kitchen as he always does and also, serving and cleaning up dirty dishes too. At one point, he was at our table and we got to talking, joking around, as we normally do with him and I told him he should ask Mandy to tell him about this dream she had in which he and Alex were chasing her around and had her about scared senseless too. The look on Jim's face was priceless and he said "Hmmm. Better not let Kate find out Mandy's having dreams about me, huh?"

Knowing Kate, she'd just have one good laugh over the whole deal though, ya know.

Now my recent dream though -one that really puzzles me -involved my ex-husband. And, aside from the actions he took in the dream, what shocked me the most was that I even had a dream that included him at all! It's been almost 31 years now since we divorced and even though we are well beyond all the acrimony of 30 years gone by now, this was the first time I can EVER remember dreaming anything in which he was involved though! Go figure.

But anyway, in my dream, he appeared holding out this little box, all nicely wrapped up (that alone is a big surprise -Frank, having something gift-wrapped?) and as he handed it to me, he said something about trying to make up for things he overlooked in the past.

I took the wrapping paper and ribbon off and there, in this lovely little box was this very pretty diamond ring! And yes, the sight of something so pretty -and expensive too -being handed to me by my ex-husband -well, truly this did create some major shock waves to my dream system!

He even offered a short explanation that this was to make up for the fact that he'd never bought me an engagement ring and also, he got to thinking too that I had never ever had an engagement ring before from anyone else either.

How little he knows! Or, perhaps that would be better described as the things one hides away back in the farthest depths of one's subconscious in an effort to forget too!

I did have an engagement ring given to me back oh, about 27 years or so ago. Really was the "dark ages" there I joke about from time to time too apparently though because as soon as that guy gave me that ring, I began to get the most severe case of cold feet ever a prospective bride could possibly get! I broke things off about 4 months later and offered to give the ring back to him but he told me to keep it and do with it whatever I wanted, even to sell it.

And ya know what? That's exactly what I did with that ring too! So there!

And furthermore, if my ex ever were to offer me a gift like that, I'd probably do the same with it too!

Now, here's hoping my next dream doesn't involve my ex-husband or I'll think I really am going off the deep end in the dreams category.


terri said...

My dreams are always senseless and strange. Yours seems to make some sense.... you probably wish that your ex would have thought more about your needs than he did.... ? But you could check one of those dream interpreter websites to find out what's really in your subconscious!

Maggie May said...

Very strange. They are supposed to have meaning..... dreams.
I suppose we can't be held responsible for our dreams. Just as well, if you ask me.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Debbie said...

I always get a kick out of having a really weird dream! They are fun to analyze.