Saturday, March 26, 2011

Springing Up...

The past two weeks here we've had several days that were definitely of the teaser type -sunny, bright, breezy and yes, even a bit on the warm side too. One day, as a matter of fact, the evening news broadcast said that it had reached a high of 70 degrees (that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius, folks)!

Unfortunately, I think the very next day or maybe two days later, something like that, the temps dropped back down to making us think it was still January or February!

But, the fact remains that spring is definitely right around the corner now and warmer weather should be arriving to stay most any day now. (Can't get here soon enough to suit me!)

And, before you know it, the grass will begin to grow and once that starts, in now time, it will be pretty much out of control too.

Now that's one aspect of spring, summer and even fall weather that I don't look forward to. Of course, keeping the lawn mowed is a chore that I no longer worry about because there's no way I can get out there and run the lawn mower to keep the grass at a decent level. Last year, Mandy generally had a guy up the road from us come down and keep the grass cut. But, were Mandy or I to try to keep up with that job, we sure would need a new lawn mower that would be easy for either of us to handle -preferable a nice big riding one like oh say, maybe something from the simplicity zero turn mowers selection. Granted, were we to get one of those, it surely would mean we'd struck gold, oil and hit the lottery though because of course, the ones that caught my eye were the ones in the top dollar category.

Right now -like today -it was nice outside, at least to look at but it was still a bit on the nippy side. When I took Sammy out for our walk today, I still needed to bundle up in my winter coat, nice heavy hat of Mandy's plus had my scarf around my neck to keep the drafts out there as well.

But cold as it has still been here, it hasn't stopped the early flowers from popping through the ground in the front flower beds. I see that we will be enjoying a few tulips, crocus/daffodils and hyacinths too probably by the end of April at the rate they are coming up now.

Here's hoping too that the predictions I've seen for next week though don't come to fruition and kill those pretty posies off in the process cause I've seen more than enough snow, icy rain, sleet and such for this winter!

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