Sunday, November 26, 2006

WooHoo! I'm So Excited!

Barb over at Skittles Place said that right - WooHoo! And, why was she saying that? Because she probably knows how I have been messing around for the past week trying to get my sitemeter to work because her kind, sweet, generous with his knowledge husband has been trying to give me instructions in selection, installation and fixing it to make it work!

And tonight, I finally achieved great success! So yes, WooHoo is definitely the word for tonight!

I still have no clue as to why the initial installation didn't work because I compared the code I had in the appropriate place to the code on the sitemeter's instruction area and they matched but apparently something somewhere was going awry and it wouldn't show the counter, so naturally, it wasn't doing anything either!

I finally ended up tonight just totally reinstalling the whole thing - from start to finish - and I was so excited when the little meter appeared on my blog, I called my daughter, Mandy, over to see what remarkable thing I had just achieved.

Her comment to my stupendeous ability there - "That's nice, Ma!"

Boy, kids sure can burst a bubble for an old lady fast, can't they?


Mike said...

I'm glad you got your site meter to work. Sometimes even when you copy and paste things they don't work right the first time. enjoy it. :)

Sandy Lender said...

Count me impressed!

Skittles said...

Laughing at Mandy's remark!