Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back to Back

Just finished one post and here I am again - doing another one but this one is a rant and again, it is about what is rapidly becoming (or so it seems) my favorite topic to rant about - Blogger Beta!

I' ve been messing around here on the computer all day - or so it seems - trying to get one line to appear on my blog! I had it there so most of the week but this morning, when I added a new blogsite to my links, my header disappeared! And, I couldn't seem to get it back up there.

I did have it there once earlier today but the next time I came back to my blog, the darned thing was gone again! So I dropped the issue for a while, came back to it, got it on there again and when I started to post my previous topic, it was still there. I didn't look at my blog after posting the last entry so I don't know if it is still up there or not now. I guess I will find out when I finish this post and then, go look at the blog to check it out.

According to the come-ons that blogger put forth to entice us yo-yo folks to change over to the beta blogger, it was supposed to be so much better, and way, way easier to use too overall than was the old blog site methods. Well, as long as you have a tutor to lead you along, maybe it is easier I suppose! Ok, drag and drop is nice - provided the stuff stays put where you have placed it too that is!

Simple directions on how to do simple tasks - the bare necessities of blogging - would really be nice to see someplace along the way. Not the instructions that may be simple to understand in the mind of someone who is a complete and utter computer nerd mind you, but for people like me who don't quite comprehend all the nuts and bolts of blogging you see!

There's lots of things I'd like to try to do with my blog someday but how to go about it, to find instructions that an oldster who is not fully comupter literate can follow and perform, sure would be nice to have to lead me along the way!

I'm trying to stay calm, not lose my temper, not curse about this thing and maybe a change of my personality in that respect will give my computer a different approach and it will follow my isntructions, do what I want it to do and things will remain peaceful then here for me for the rest of the day!

In the words of the comedienne, Judy Tenuto - "It could happen; it could happen!" And lets hope and pray that yes, it does come around and do things MY WAY!

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