Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New blogs, new reading, new friends?

One of the neatest things about blogs - in my opinion anyway - is how one blog leads to another which leads to another and well, you get the picture I think!

Last night, through a lady from the Writer's Life's blog, I found another blog and put his link on my site here, because his message in "All God's Children" really impressed me greatly.

This evening, while reading through some of my favorite blogger's pieces, I came across a recommendation from Barb - at Skittle's Place - checked out the blog she referenced and found it perfectly delightful too! And so, you will find yet another addition to my listings under "Links I Like to Read." This one is called "It's About Time" and althought I found the blog pieces in this one all very good to read, please be sure to go down through her posts to the one titled "Look Through Any Window" for a good and very funny read! Considering the reaction my daughter Carrie has to the subject matter in this posting, I am temped to direct her to it, get her to read it. But then, maybe I best not do that as she might never speak to me again then!

Another blog I'd like to point out to you too is the one titled "East of Oregon". I really like this site not just for the things she writes about but especially for the photos she posts along with each piece. Some are truly awesome pictures and if you check them out, I'm betting you will agree with me on that!

So much for my opinions at this hour of the night. Actually, it is going to be time now for me to call it a night. I have to rise and shine at a little bit earlier hour in the morning - no sleeping in till almost 11 a.m. tomorrow cause the ostomy nurse will be here from the home nursing service and I need to be wide awake and alert and showered too (of course) when she arrives! Gotta learn and learn it well, how to care for this colostomy thing all by myself once the home health nurse services end you know! Very, VERY important that I do that!

Nite now! And check out those blogs I suggested to you too!


Mike said...

Finding new blogs to read can be fun. I've found quite a few that I like reading.

masgblog said...

Thank you for calling out It's About Time. I like to read other people's blogs and I really enjoy writing my own. Sometimes I amaze myself with the things that I end up with.

I will dig more into your posts, for sure.


East of Oregon said...

Oh my gosh - thanks for mentioning my blog! I just started it . . . it's quite fun. I should point out that my photos, while I'm quite proud of choosing them each day, they are not mine actually. I sift through flickr.com and pick out things that inspire me and then write about them. Please visit and comment and I'll do the same! Happy blogging! :)