Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There Is No EASY In It!

Ok, today is a rant day! And, the topic I have chosen to rant about is a little thing called Kodak Easy Share - a little software program I got stuck with when my daughter had the last roll of film developed and had the pics saved to a CD.

I've been preaching to her for how long now to make sure she gets the pics saved to a floppy or a cd - didn't matter to me, really, which, but I just didn't want to have to work with my scanner to scan the pics into the computer and then, try to save them to a floppy (I don't have a cd burner you see) so the pics wouldn't be eating up all my space on the computer.

Well, where ever she got these pics developed - don't recall which place it was - the cd came with a thing that you had to allow your computer to download it in order to view the pics. It's called Kodak Easy Share and in my opinion, this sucker is ANYTHING but EASY to work with!

People write this software and they put in their instructions too - but how many of them write this stuff in pure and simple - and when I say simple here, I do mean SIMPLE English!!! Very damned few of 'em are in really easy to understand vocabulary and instructions and this totally ticks me off!

If someone sends me something as an attachment - a joke maybe or sometimes a photograph - it used to be I could click it on and it would open in my Explorer. No problems, or very very rarely. Now, my attachments all get converted somewhere along the line over to this KODAK EASY SHARE and it takes several minutes for the software to open, then for the attachment to be run through the program I guess and all too often then I get a message that the attachment can't be opened anyway because there is some file association thing or other missing and would I please check the pathways to make sure all the information needed is there. Now, how the hell would I know what to look for as to "pathways" or "file associations" when it is something someone else sent me!

I have found recently now I can usually open these things but to to it, I have to first go through all the time sapping process as described above and then, I have to go and open my computer, go to windows and open then, then to application data, open that, and from there to Qualcom and after that Eudora and finally to attach in order to get the listing of attachments, find the one I currently am interested in viewing and then, I can open it!

Now, is that your version of EASY SHARE? Maybe it's easy for some, but it sure as hell ain't easy for me! And, did I state earlier that I hate Kodak Easy Share? Well, if I didn't say it before, let me say it now - loud and clear - I HATE KODAK EASY SHARE!!!!!

What's your pet peeve with some of this software?


Garrett said...

I hate KES too. I finally just got rid of the whole thing a while back.

As for the pom molasses (i couldn't find an e-mail so i write it here) many international markets will have it, or you can reduce pom juice over a boil (then med-low heat) and let it reduce till it becomes thick and syrupy!

Mike said...

Wow, it sucks when a program takes over you pc. You can change the program that opens things though. It really isn't that hard, just time comsuming if you have lots of file types to change. If you know what program opened them before it would be helpful. I've had to do this several times myself.