Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Modest Needs

Have any of you ever heard of this foundation - "Modest Needs" before?

I've known about this group for probably two years or perhaps a little longer than that now. It's an excellent foundation set up using small contributions from regular folks - like pretty much all of us - some who have a very good income level as well as those with virtually nothing much to come and go on but feel the need to help even if all they can spare is maybe a buck here, $5 another time. Whatever, it makes no difference how much or how small the donation, it is all going to help others who - because of maybe some small debt or even a medium-sized financial issue - might be on the edge of financial disaster without just a little helping hand here and there.

I know all about being on that "edge" as it seems my life has existed most of the time perched precariously out there and wondering how I would manage to pay the regular bills, buy groceries and gas and have a nickel left over at the end of the month. And most months, I was still finishing up in the red and playing catch up ball in the next month in the bill department.

I lived, generall, from one income tax refund to the next as a means to cover my property taxes or maybe a doctor or dentist bill that was long overdue for most of the years my kids were growing up. And things never seemed to change even after they were gone from the house in that respect either. Always something!

Because I truly believe in the goal of this organization, I am posting here an article recently published in the Portland Oregonian which can explain far better than I how "Modest Needs" is funded and operates to help those in need of just a little hand up in the world today. I'm including the website for that article here for your perusal.


This is not necessarily a prod to ask anyone to donate to the organization. If you are so impelled after reading it to do that, excellent. If not, well so be it too. And, if you are out there, on that precarious edge right now and could use a helping hand, then contact "Modest Needs" and see if there is any help that might be offered to you.

Anyway you cut it, the article is very good - very interesting. It is a great and worthy foundation and one that almost everyone can either find enough to make a small change type contribution to now and again or, perhaps has a need or knows someone who is in dire straits at some point in time - now or in the future, a good organization to file away at least someplace should the need arise or the urge to help.

My thoughts there are it's really a great way to try to "pay it forward."


masgblog said...

We all get by with a little help from our friends it seems.

Just saw your post as I was about to shut down, and thank you for your Sudoku comment.

I luv to cross stitch, am not a bad knitter, but lousy at crochet (though I did learn it). Not an avid seamstress (my late Mom was an avid seamstress though), but I can sew, if prodded (like cattle).

...and I luv Sudoku.....


Garrett said...

Hey Jeni, I love reading about gourmet cooking too. Don't ever dream about it. I work every week on a budget and do overtime at my non-profit job. Most of the stuff here is always done on a budget (minus one or two dinners for a special occassion).

I say bravo for your cheese indulgence! I personally go a bit crazy for well aged salami's and cheeses as well.

A bit of indulgence once in a while is a healthy thing. Learning where to shop for those culinary deals and special ingredients is half the fun of cooking!

Gourmet is overrated I say. It's what you want it to be. Screw 50 dollar dinners, and truffle oil. Bring on the oreos and homemade guac. Comfort food beats out gourmet any day.

Sounds like you have a phenomenal cheesemonger near you. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you soon!