Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Dang! Here it is late afternoon already and once again, I am - as I was yesterday - running late in putting up my first blog posting for today! I did however manage a little while ago to read one of my favorite blogs and make a comment there, but was only able to get to one fav blog so far because today, instead of fighting with the internet provider, I've been fighting with the freaking computer!

Yes, my computer has determined today to be the day from Hell for me! I think some of the problems I was experiencing had to do with what the first rep from my ever-loving, obnoxious provider told me to do -had to do with deleting files from the one page on my internet tools, options page cause most of my issues today seemed to link back to that!

But for now, I am finally caught up - I think - with my e-mail. Gosh those people in the Writerslive Gang sure can post bunches and bunches of e-mail responses there!

I did however finally get a chance to talk to Teresa, the editor/publisher of the little paper here I do articles for from time to time. I think I got Mandy convinced too that she will remember to stop and try to pick up two copies of the WB Review for me also on her way back home from State College today! She's on vacation this week so to her, as long as it isn't snowing, freezing rain or any of that happy poppycock, she's happy to be ramming around all over the place! She also has Maya with her - left me here with the little guy - so that makes my life a little easier, overall today too! At least there has been no more destruction to the appearance of the living room all afternoon now with Maya out of the house!

Now, it is time for me to wander to the kitchen and start working on preparing supper for us. So, I'm gonna end this piece for right now.

Aren't you relieved to hear I am taking a break from blogging, e-mailing, etc., for a few minutes anyway?

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