Friday, November 10, 2006

Up and At 'Em

To most people, Friday morning signifies the end of the work week; time for the TGIF party and get ready for the weekend and whatever that may hold.

Around this neck of the woods, with our proximity to the Penn State Campus and such, there's always the football game of the week. This weekend is PSU's game against Temple Owls and will be a tad different in that Coach Paterno is not going to be allowed to coach from the sidelines.

In case you haven't heard, he was injured at last week's game when a PSU player ended up along the sidelines and clipped the coach. That encounter left Joepa with a broken shin bone and some torn ligaments for which he has spent most of this week in the hospital, recuperating from surgery. His doctor - the team physician - has ordered that he not be permitted along the sidelines during the game but possibly, he could coach from some box higher up at the stadium. They did mention exactly which one but I forget now.

My comments about the upcoming game - simple. Go Penn State! WE ARE!

Aside from that, Friday morning is just the beginning of yet another day to me. Normally, that is. Today is a little different for me though. For openers, I am up, showered, dressed and ready to roll and it is only a little past 6:45 a.m.! Incredible for me because I am NOT, repeat NOT, an early riser, not a morning person by a long shot. But today, my son and I have to venture out - have to be on the highway no later than 7:30 a.m. because I have a doctor's appointment - again- down in Pittsburgh. This one is a checkup with the surgeon who did the colostomy on me almost three weeks ago now. This checkup kind of worries me - not so much that he will find a problem - but more so as to what he is going to "Check" on me and how disruptive is that going to be to my lovely little contraption and such? Oh well, grin and bear it I suppose is going to have to be the slogan for the day, isn't it?

I must say here too that I have felt really good since coming home from the hospital - no major leg problems at all since the surgery. Keep in mind, this surgery wasn't geared at my legs but apparently re-routing my bowels has taken a lot of pressure of various or certain nerves and as a result, I have not had any of the continual aches/cramps/pains that I had been having day in and day out prior to this procedure. What a relief! You just can't imagine how nice life has been these past almost 3 weeks now.

This past Wednesday, I saw the doctor in Dubois - the one the surgeon wanted me to hook up with and have her put me on a bunch of heavy-duty antibiotics because he is convinced the tumor in my colon has or is being caused by an infection. However, she did not agree with his assessment and believes it is being caused completely from radiation residue. So, we shall see then how things shake out in that respect after I see the surgeon today.

The Dubois dr. did however give me a prescription for some stuff that is supposed to help with the pain of shingles. It sort of goes after the nerve endings to soothe them out or something like that. Since that has been my biggest pain problem for the past 10-11 weeks now, I am really hoping that this stuff takes hold and works and does it fast too!

So here ends another little piece of drivel from me! Everyon go out today and do a good job and then, have a great weekend of fun and relaxation.

And, once again - Go Penn State! WE ARE! PENN STATE! (Gotta get the Granddaughter to saying that cheer again too!)

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Paige said...

I'm not much into sports other than, my beloved wins or gets free tickets to something then we go. Thats about it. I like resting and rocking in the chair at home. Safe, comfy and filled with love. No drama. Yes no drama.
Thats the way we like it.
But you go ahead... Go Penn State