Saturday, November 25, 2006

Changes - Because Life Changes

Lately, if you've been following my blogs, you may have noticed I have become somewhat more prolific in my postings. I've also become a bit more prolific too in the changes I've made under the "Blogs I Like To Read" as well - and just today, I added two more blogs to that area along with one yesterday. These three blogs I found to be very interesting, some good perspectives about life, living and the changes we encounter every day.

Why am I seeming to be putting in new postings here, sometimes almost hourly? Darned if I know! Maybe it's because when a notion hits me, I figure I best put those astute thoughts and opinions down in writing and do it right then because, if I wait even five minutes, the thought may have passed through my pea brain and with the sieve it seems to be much of the time, those great thoughts would have gone through and poof, disappeared, right down ye olde drain!

That's what happens when you are dealing with the old and senile you see! Gotta get it out while the memory lasts!

So, take a minute or two - or more really is what you'll need - and check out the new blogs I added here. Read some of my earlier postings too maybe? Who knows what gems you might just encounter along your reading way!

That's my story and by damn, I am sticking to it too!


Vic Grace said...

Thanks for your comment and linking to my blog. I would like to return the favour.

masgblog said...

Good morning (or afternoon) those darned instructions....I guess that's the result of outsourcing work to 'other' countries. The results then become like a box of never know what you're gonna get!

Have a great weekend.....

Jeni said...

I'd be highly honored if you link my blog to yours!