Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WooHoo - I Hit 100!

Ok - you know how excited I was Saturday when I finally got my site meter installed and working correctly?

Well, just checked the count there and in 3 days - only 3 days mind you - I've had 104 visitors to my blog!

Wow! I'm impressed! But who the heck are these many visitors here? The number of comments don't come close to matching with my "surfer" numbers there!

Who are you that is reading my blog? Are you my family - who I have given the blog site to and told you to go read it? Friends who I have done the same thing to and also, given orders for you to go read it? Or folks I've met through other blogs? Or just random blog button hitters too maybe?

Whoever - don't be afraid to leave a comment in that section! I really just bark a lot - I promise I don't bite.

I'd love to hear from you - your thoughts on what I posted or if you read any of the blogs I have on my favorite list and if you liked what you saw and read there too.

I need the excitement in my life you know - do it now before it's too late! Never know how long we'll be here you know and I'd hate to think you had some comments and held back from making them to me, about whatever it is that I wrote about - even if it is to correct my grammar or spelling. Keeps me going you know!

And with that - I'm closing down here for the night cause I've had a long, hard day today you know - doing mostly what I do best too - and you all know now from the blog before this one exactly what it is that I excel at too, don't we?

Don't make me bitch now!


Queenie said...

I absolutely love watching my hit counter too.
It makes me humble.


Jamieson said...

Hey Jeni,

I read your blog! *waves!* I love blogs. They give you food for thought and connect you to others.

I also check my site meter, as well as the comments for each post. I like to see if people feel moved to comment on what I put on there.

Some posts get more comments than others, but that's all good.

Cheers to you!


masgblog said...

I think we all get blurkers, and hopefully one day those blurkers will get brave and leave a comment. Thanks for yours! CoCo says meow! And those who wonder what that means will have to visit my blog.

Mike said...

I get a lot of visitors that don't leave comments also. I just like going and seeing where they came from. It's pretty interesting stuff. Congrats on your 100th hit.

Skittles said...

Congrats on your first 100!!!