Monday, November 13, 2006


Is anyone else here forgetful? We've all heard the old joke about going to the kitchen and by the time you get there, you forget what you went there for in the first place and there are times when that describes my memory, totally!

Anything in the short term variety is subject to flying through my head and not touching base anywhere to make me able to remember it in the near future.

But, things that happened 30, 40 - even 50 years plus ago, quite often I can remember them vividly.

Last week, all week long, I had been thinking about two birthdays - one on November 10th and the other on November 11th - and I had planned to write a nice little note to each one celebrating a birthday on those days. But, as my memory is wont to do, the idea flew away and I forgot about doing that till today. The birthdays I mentioned are for my cousins, Becky and Sue, who are sisters and Beck's day is the 10th, same date as was my Mom's birthday, and Sue was born on the 11th.

I got a note back today from Beck after I sent her a little birthday comment via e-mail saying she was amazed that I remembered her birthday. Yep, kid - I remember the birthdates of all my first cousins on my Mom's side of the family, along with the birthdates of all my Mom's siblings too, as well as our grandparents! I used to know when some of the great-grandkids in the family were born as well but since that is fairly recent history, it stands to reason I have forgotten that information now. I can always cheat though and look up most of that information on my family tree document!

I didn't realize till I logged into my blog today that I had neglected to post anything on Saturday or Sunday. Not because I was ultra busy or anything, I just forgot. Again, that little memory thing comes into play, huh?

I was busy though over the weekend, working on my research in the old Progress newspapers online through the database. I managed to finish up working on the 1962 and 1963 papers last night and started working now on the 1964 issues. Only 13 more years worth of papers to comb through! Hope I live long enough or don't go totally blind in the process to finish this project!

Yesterday, Mandy and the two little ones and I went to Dubois as she had an appointment at the K-mart there to have photos done of the kids. The photographer tried and tried to keep Maya's attention so get several proofs for us to choose from but was only able to keep her occupied long enough to get two pictures done. Fortunately, they were both ok so Mandy did get to select one that is really nice. She also had some pictures done too of Kurtis and chose one of them to get done up for extra Christmas gift type things. He is going to be the "Ham" there as he just loved posing for the photographer!

I'm now taking the new meds that are supposed to relieve nerve pain in the hopes this will attack the nerves under attack from the damned shingles I have been dealing with for the past 2 1/2 months now. It is called NEUROTONTIN - and I hope this stuff finally kicks into gear and does some good cause I am really, REALLY tired of this plague called the shingles!

Now, to get rid of the head cold I've been fighting for the past week and all will be fine with me!


Mike said...

I can't remember alot of things. I am thankful I have Barb here to remind me of the grandkids birhtdays. Some of my grandkids are little "Hams" when it comes to pictures also. Glad you got to spend time with them.

Mike said...

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