Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fiction Writing

I really admire those who can write fiction. From conjuring up a cast of characters, a plot, sub-plots and such and pulling it all together, is really something that amazes me completely!

My favorite cousin, Ray (there ya go cuz, got your name out there on the internet), has been telling me for years I should write a book. One of his suggestions has been to put together a book of stories of some of the wacky things that took place at the big truckstop near here where I slaved away for about seven years. And, it's not that I haven't thought of doing that too but I have no clue where to start there!

You see, for openers, to do a book of stories about things that happened there, it would have to be ficitonalized because too many of the drivers who were part and parcel of some of the funny things that happened are still living and sometimes, their names or handles are an integral part of the story so to change those factors (to protect the innocent or in this case, maybe the "not so innocent") would take away from the gist of the story then. To not change names, well that could also get some of these guys in deep do-do too at home with their spouses too ya know!

And now, since I have been away from that place for a little over 18 years now, my memory of some of the wild and wacky things that went on there is fading a bit too much, too fast, to be able to put enough stuff in there to make a booklet, much less a full book's worth of readings!

I think of things from time to time, that I think might make for an interesting book but having very little creativity in my old bones and mind, I have narry a clue as to how to go about doing dialogue for openers or how to open my story idea and then, how to develop the plot and characters - well it is all beyond my pea brain there for sure!

I do much better trying to write non-fiction stuff - smallish articles about history, events that took place a long time ago and writing about it so the current generation knows that this or that or some other stuff happened and when and how.

I do better at writing little pieces about people and something this or that person has done or does for a hobby or for their livelihood or about kids and such. I write more along the "essay" lines is what a good friend has told me in the past about my work.

Also, when I write - and sometimes this is good but most times, other writers have said this is or can be a bad thing - I write pretty much the way I talk too! Some locals in my home area who follow most of my articles I do or have done for the little local newsletter, have told me that they really like my stuff because I write the way I talk. Well, that's them and not other writers much less editors at magazines and stuff like that too. Not that I don't appreciate the comments these folks have made about various pieces I have done over the past two years - because sometimes, it has been those comments, those folks who have taken the time to pull me aside and compliment me on my work or even call me and tell me how much they enjoyed it - have no idea how much they have done to help what at times had often been really sagging self-esteem! Made me feel very worthwhile for a change, it did!

That's just my thought for tonight on the challenges of writing - and boy, there are many!

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