Friday, November 24, 2006

A "Beautiful" Day!

Here's my mid-day posting - yes, it is indeed a "beautiful" day here in SUNNY central PA! Just looks so pretty and inviting outside with the sunshine pouring down - so much nicer than seeing rain pouring down, isn't it?

And, inside ye olde homestead here, it's - so far - a beautiful day too! Kurtis and Maya both work up around 10:30 - ah, nice to have both kids sleep late! And both woke up and were quite pleasant in temperment too! Also a big, big bonus for old Grammy who is the babysitter du jour!

Fed Kurtis first, got some nice dry drawers on him and put him back in the bassinet where he has been sleeping peacefully now for almost an hour! And Maya - who woke up smiling which is REALLY the big bonus when she wakes up like that - has had a big cup of orange juice and a nice bowl of rice krispies, which she polished off completely and with no mess either. My life is just really blessed and full of lots of bonuses today, isn't it?

Looks like - if things continue at this pace - I might be able to work on the sweater I started knitting the other day. Won't have to slave over the stove fixing supper either, cause we will be having a re-run meal - celebrate Thanksgiving dinner all over again! Yippy skippy on that deal too!

May your day go as nicely and smoothly as mine has at least begun! Pray for a continuation too!

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Skittles said...

We'll be having leftovers for a few days at least!

That's cool that you know how to knit. I never was able to learn more than to just make really long scarves! I can crochet a mean afghan though :)