Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Rant Needed!

Boy, Am I getting ultra-testy of late or what? This morning I was ticked off - still - at the freaking "Easy Share" software from Kodak and tonight, I am ticked off at Blogger Beta! Does it ever end?

I switched my blog the other day to the beta - with a little trepidation in mind when I did that - but so many folks were grumping and grumbling about having problems posting to the comments sectors on the non-beta blogs that I figured it was time for me to take the leap.

All seemed well until tonight when I realized that when I made some minor change yesterday to my template, it had obliterated all my links I had carefully garnered and had finally learned how to add them to my site too I might add!

Again, let me reiterate here - I hate stuff to do with the computer that does not come accompanied by simple, step-by-step, in pure, simple English (not some brand of easy-speak, easy to understand (so THEY say) computerese! I know basically just enough about computers and a few software programs, to be dangerous most of the time! I do not understand the so-called simple to follow instructions for example on the blogger pages at all! Their version of "simple" just does not jive - AT ALL - with mine!

Well, I screwed around tonight for a couple of hours - all the while hacking like crazy from this freaking cough I have acquired from the lovely head cold I got last week - and yes, I am fully aware that my bad habit involving the usage of nicotine doesn't help me there but, too bad, so sad I guess in that department - and finally did get almost all the old links I had before back on my webpage. But remember here, I merely said I got them back on the blogsite, webpage. I didn't say I got them on there under the heading of "Links" did I?

No, I didn't get them up there in the proper manner because I can't find the freaking site to insert to re-install the links site! Lovely!

So, I e-mailed a felllow blogger who frequently reads my site and asked him if he can give me some simple to follow instructions on how to get the header for "LINKS" up there where it belongs. Hopefully, he will be able to comply but until then, as you can see (I hope) my links are just hanging there off to the right of my first page here. It is such fun being a computer idiot!

Ok, that's enough of this rant for tonight. I just took my pill that is supposed to soothe the nerve endings affected by my lovely case of Shingles I acquired almost 3 months ago, plus a pain pill to help my body ignore the pinching feelings along my side from - yes, the freaking miserable shingles and it's also time for me to take a big swig of Vick's 44 cough medicine so I won't - hopefully - cough a lung up while I am trying to sleep tonight! Ah the wonders of modern medicine against age old illnesses that continue to plague mankind, huh?

Maybe the morning will bring on a calmer, nicer me! Do ya think that's possible?

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