Saturday, November 18, 2006

Best Laid Plans

You know how that expression goes - about the best laid plans of mice and men - and how no matter how well you plan, how hard you try, sometimes they just all go awry.

Well, that seems to have been my lot tonight.

First my afternoon got waylaid because I didn't manage to find the time to hit the old sofa for a nice little afternoon siesta. Actually, today I didn't initially feel the need for a nap, so didn't bother much to try to squeeze even a little tiny catnap in there. Ok, that's an exaggeration right there for me cause there really is no such thing as a planned catnap. Accidental ones, yes; planned - no way! Once I hit the couch I am out!

But tonight, I had visions of watching NBC Tv all evening from 8 p.m .on through Leno. Yeah, and see how far those ideas got me!

I nodded off watching the granddaughter's favorite program - next to Sesame Street, that is - "Deal or No Deal." Goes to show you the mentality level needed to watch that show - the granddaughter is a mere 3 years olds but she absolutely loves this program. She will stand in the playpen, jump up and down and squeal and scream at Howie Mandell and then she gives directions to the contestant too - hollering "Deal, Deal!" So, watching that program is kind of a concession to little Maya since she gets so much enjoyment out of it!

I woke up briefly when the 9 p.m. program should have been on but couldn't keep my eyes open and besides, someone in the family had already changed the channel over to the Spike network and after that, in my sleeping stupor, if I did kind of wake up, I couldn't tell time then since I don't know the programs that run on that network and what time they come on, etc. As a result, I ended up waking up at about 12:30 a.m. and mumbled something to my son-in-law about what the time was then and he informed me it was well past midnight. Dang, I missed Law and Order again tonight! I have been a big fan of that program for a long time now and generally have been pretty faithful about watching at least the SVU programs as well as the "general" Law and Order shows - for some reason, I am not overly fond though of the Criminal Intent ones so don't get bent out of shape when I don't catch those shows. But I really had wanted to see this episode to nite as the teaser ads they've been running all week for it really looked like it would be a good show.

Oh well! As long as there are reruns and the TNT and USA network that program Law and Order in their regular programming as well as having some days where they run back-to-back episodes, maybe a couple years from now I can catch what was to have been tonight's program! Especially since I generally tend to try and catch every episode of Law and Order on those other networks to the extent my family is really tired of hearing the opening music to the show! Although, my son-in-law recently did admit that he has found watching Law and Order to be very addictive and he actually likes the show too. But tonight, since I was sleeping, he apparently decided he liked the idea of watching some dumbass show on hunting that was on, of all things, the Hunting Channel! Come on folks - there surely aren't enough programs out there to have a whole network of shows devoted to "Hunting" now are there?

Now, I've missed the Tonight show for today and that really sets my teeth on edge too. Nothing like a good healthy dose of Jay Leno's humor to get me ready to go to bed! Not that it makes me sleepy - quite the opposite. But I usually really enjoy Leno's opening remarks especially when he goes into his little diatribes about either politics, Kevin Federline or some other celebrity that is in the news and he can poke fun at. This week, he was hitting pretty hard on O.J. and his new book and tv special being planned. What a crock that deal is too! Brother! A book and tv show about how he would have murdered his wife and her friend, if he had actually done it. Now how ignorant and crass is that deal anyway? Some people have no tact, no empathy at all for the feelings of others like maybe the families of his ex-wife and her friend. Whether he killed them or not, have a little respect for those folks and their feelings is my theory there.

And that brings me back, in a round about way to my title tonight - best laid plans - fitting I suppose to close these thoughts on that topic with a few comments about O.J. cause frankly, I do believe he's one person whose best laid plans DID NOT go Awry for him! Just my humble opinion there that he really did get away with bloody blue murder ya know!

End of diatribe on this subject anyway.

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