Monday, November 20, 2006

Musings For Monday

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a mish-mash for my posting today. So many things on my mind and not near enough time to cover them all! Some items I really could go off and rant about but I really don't have the time to do that and do justice to all the things where I have such astute opinions. But, I'm gonna try to cover a few - as briefly as possible - in this one posting.

First - note I added another blog site to my list of favorites. It's called "All God's Children." And, I know some who might read my blog may not agree with my philosophy regarding homosexuality, but I felt this blog really does a good job of at least trying to set the record straight. It is my opinion that, if we profess to be Christian but can't extend the same love towards those in the community who are homosexual, then we are not being the good Christian we profess to be. And the phrase "Love the sinner, hate the sin." is not adequate here because being a homosexual does not, by itself, make the person a sinner. Don't forget, according to Christ's teachings, we are all "Sinners." But, I really would urge all to look at this blog and read it and digest what this man is saying as it might perhaps give a better insight and who among us can't use just a little bit better insight into just about everything!

Another thing that has been really bugging me of late has to do with another Yahoo group I belong to - the group. This was begun a year ago in July in response to the absolute obscene pay raise the legislators in Pennsylvania attempted to give themselves as a grassroots organization to fight against the pay raise and also, to try to get as many of the legislators responsible for irresponsible legislation ousted from the House and Senate. And, in respect to those initial goals, the group did have some darned good successes by forcing the legislators to repeal this pay raise, getting a supreme court judge booted off his high and mighty seat last November, by dumping two of the pay raise legislative leaders in the spring primary and overall, you could say Cleansweep is directly or indirectly responsbile for the fact there are now at least 50 plus brand, spanking new legislators in Harrisburg, thanks to our efforts and with a lot of help too from the Media!

Some of the members of the Cleansweep group are of the opinion that in between elections, we should all be after our legislators to makes many other changes in the way our government and those employed there too, operate. A noble idea, true, but some of the suggestions posted recently are absolutely absurd and I went off the deep end the other night, after reading some of the thoughts and suggestions posted by a few members of the group.

One line of thought in particular that has surfaced pertains to police protection and some "idiots" (I use that term loosely there) have suggested we do away completely with the state police (and any other police protection too that is paid for via tax monies) and use only "private security" for our protection. Yeah right! How viable is that idea? The whole reason behind this is that they believe we are paying the police way too much money, plus the fact that they also are eligible for a nice pension when they retire and I think a lot of the issue here is just plain and pure jealousy for someone who earns a reasonable wage and gets a pension then later down the line. Makes to matter to those making these suggestions about the pay scale for the police that these people go out every day and put their lives on the line to assure us, the regular folks, some aspect of safety! Ok, they can't be every place that something is happening at the same time and priorities are given for their response to any call, but still, what would life be like if you didn't have the police there, available at your beck and call in the case of a situation, problem, full emergency? One poster even suggested that the police, etc be paid "NOTHING!" No how ridiculous is that!??? Ok, enough of that topic or I will get really ticked off thinking that some people can be that damned stupid!

I had to chuckle a bit yesterday when I got a phone call from my good friend - life-long friend, I might add - and the one I posted about several weeks back in here too - Kate. She called and said she heard I wasn't feeling very good and was just inquiring as to what was wrong. Well, I was a bit confused by this and asked her then "in what context is it that I am not supposedly feeling very well - could be different things, you know?" and then she told me she'd been at the store where my daughter Mandy works (in the deli section) and Mandy had told her that I was under the weather, that I have bronchitis and that I am refusing to call the doctor and go get meds for this. Then I had to laugh! Ok, I picked up a nasty head cold two weeks ago and it is lodged in my sinus and causing a lot - and I do mean A LOT - of yucky drainage which also is creating a nasty cough - yes, all that is true. And yes, I know the fact I smoke adds to this issue as well. But, it is just a head cold and my system does take longer these days to fight off things like that but overall, it is getting better. Slowly, yes - but it is better! But it is kind of nice to know my little Mandy is all that worried about old Mom here too, ya know! 'Nuff said about that issue too!

I had to chuckle this morning while reading through my e-mail at a note submitted by a writer from the Writer's Life group I belong to. This woman is really worried about her daughter who is married to a jackass who is extremely abusive, heavy drinker too and bunches of problems there but this morning she asked the question (sort of just musing to herself I suppose) if she would get tagged for a murder charge if she tied the son-in-law up, doused him with honey and then turned a bunch of fireants loose on him. I really had to laugh to myself as I could visualize some guy being tied up and having a force, like fireants, sicced on him! Can't you just see that too? A fate still to good for him though in my opinion.

Lots of other things floating in and out of my pea-brain too this morning but those were the ones that really stand out in my mind today. And I could have really ranted on and on about the homosexuality issue, the legislators and the corruption in government and the physical, emotional and mental abuse issues in the writer friend's posting about her son-in-law and daughter too. But I'm not going to address any of them any further - at least not at this point in time. Who knows though, maybe at a later date, you will get a complete earful from me on any or all of these topics too.

It could happen you know!

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Mike said...

It sounds like the PACleansweep folks just want to take it too far. I agree with you on the Polics issue. I think they are underpaid for the work they do. And I think they deserve a good pension for their service. It's not a good thing to be in an abusive relationship either. But, the women have to do something. If it gets too abusive, the best thing would be for her to leave. I know it's hard, but it's probably the best thing to do.