Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Grand Finish!

Ok- I'm assuming you read my earlier post for Tuesday - the one about being LATE!

Now, here is how my day wound down and trust me, it wasn't pleasant!

First - yesterday I got a note from my friend Jeff, telling me how he had received his copy of the long overdue issue of the West Branch Review. That would be the little local monthly publication I usually write one or two articles for - when the editor/publisher gets it put together and published that is. Then today, I got an e-mail from my cousin Ruth Ann, down in Birmingham, ALA telling me she got her copy of the latest issue too but, she said she didn't see anything in there by me. Ok - I didn't know if the editor (Theresa) was going to run the piece I had given her a few months back or not so figured she had decided it wasn't timely and omitted it.

Then, this evening I get an e-mail from my friend Anne, telling me she got her copy of the WBR today and thanked me for mentioning her in my "Small World" piece - which is the one I had given Teresa a few months back. Now keep in mind - I already mentioned Ruth Ann is in Alabama but Jeff is up in Michigan and Anne is in the Cleveland area and I am here - and still don't have a copy of the latest issue! Cause this is the first issue Teresa has put out that is no longer a "freebie" publication and the closes place to where I live that is a distributer is about 6 miles from here and I haven't yet been able to con any of my kids into driving that far to buy me a copy or to take me there so I can buy a copy! RATS! I'm still on the 'banned from driving" list until I return to the dr's in Pittsburgh a week from this Friday!

I'm just hoping when I finally do finagle a way to get to the place that is the local distributor that they will still have some copies in stock! Gonna have to e-mail Teresa and raise cain with her that she didn't even let me know the paper was out on the stands or where I could grab a copy too!

Ok, that stuff was unsettling enough to me tonight but then, don't 'cha just know it but I got hit with more "computer issues" tonight. This time it set in when I started down my favorites list on my blog site - to read the pieces these folks had posted today and do my comment thing too here and there. The very first blog I hit into - the "Letters I Wish I'd Written" - which I must add I really, really love this blog - when I went to comment and had to type in those stupid discombobulated letters for the word verification thing, I apparently didn't type in what the computer needed to read and as a result, I ended up in a nasty loop thing -over and over - and sometimes, nothing would even show up for me to try and type and boy I was ticked.

As if that wasn't bad enough - the issue with the comment thing apparently followed me as I read the other favorite blogs too! So, I ended up reading all of 'em, messing with trying to keep up to the minute with my e-mail and about 2-3 hours later - like an hour ago -I went back to the favorites and did my comment thing although some of them were being ornery and not wanting to load the comment block for me and stuff like that!

Sometimes I think this computer just likes to do stupid crap to me just to piss me off so I will then go off into rant mode and do what I am doing right now - RANTING!

Sometimes too, it does seem like all I do is bitch, bitch, bitch. My kids would heartily agree with me on that and they think I do it strictly because by now, after almost 40 years of coping with my kids, I am just so damned good at bitching! Probably true there you know!

Cause for many, many a year - yes, I said year - that is probably all my kids thought I ever did was bitch, bitch, bitch and then, just for the hell of it, bitch some more!

Well, actually, I'm not quite as bad about that now as I was before - if what my son tells my stepgranddaughter, Katie, is to believed. He tells her that the old lady she sees there before her -pointing of course to me - is not the same person he grew up with and for that, she can thank her lucky stars too!

So, I guess I have mellowed over the years - maybe just a little.

Have you changed like that with your kids? With co-workers, maybe if you don't have kids to bitch at or about?

Wonder if my girls agree with their brother on his assessment of me with regards to that?

If they don't, I can just go bitch, huh?

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