Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sometimes - I hate technology

Today, apparently is not one of my better "high tech" days!

I got a note in my e-mail that there was a comment to my previous blog posting. I read the comment and hit the publish button which then took me to a page where I had to login to my blog.

However, during the course of my typing in my username and password, I noticed I had inadvertantly made an error in typing my username. So I corrected that. Then, I noticed that the number of asterisks there for my password looked way, way too long to match my password, so i deleted the password section and typed it in myself.

I hit the ebter button and received an error statement that the username and password did not match. And, so I tried again and got another password type error and now, I can't log in using the publish button for the comment that I got in my e-mail.

I can however login ok to the blog itself - as evidenced by the fact I am here, typing this now. Just can't publish that particular comment!

What gives?

Anyone know how to go about correcting this one small error that all began with one tiny typo on my part?

If not, and if my reader Mike is reading this, I'm sorry but I screwed up and your comment has not yet been published to my previous post but not because I didn't want to publish it there!

And so, that's why at least today, I am not very friendly about certain high tech type things!

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