Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Worries

Well, we'd been pretty lucky this year during fall and as winter began to arrive.

I'm referring here to our fuel usage and trying to keep the house at least semi-warm and the hot water flowing.

We got 150 gallons of fuel delivered the end of September and about 3 weeks or so ago, a good friend of Mandy's who doesn't rely primarily on fuel oil for heat, gleaned a little over 50 gallons of fuel from his tank and brought it here, dumped it in our tank and that kept us functioning a bit longer.

That is, until today when the well went dry!

I noticed when I was washing up dishes and the hot water wasn't going beyond luke warm and I put two and two together and figured we'd probably just run out of fuel.

Wonderful! Say that with a sarcastic tone of voice though when you read that, will ya?

I knew it was going to take some fancy maneuvering around to get some more fuel delivered since we still owed a smallish amount on the last delivery in September But between the two of us, we moved some funds around -borrowed a bit from my line of credit -and tomorrow, we should be receiving another 150 gallons of fuel oil.

I doubt that amount will last us the three months that the previous 150 gallons took us though.

I found a website where I can find out about small business equipment leasing but I'm thinking what we really need here is simply just a small business loan -something to keep us up and running ya know.

Now to figure out a way to have the household qualified as a "small business" and we could really move on from there, don't 'cha think?

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terri said...

So sorry about this Jeni! I'm glad you were able to make some arrangements so you can stay warm again!