Monday, December 12, 2011

Stocked up

Last week, I finally had a chance to make a trip over to DuBois where I could do a little needed shopping at the Joanne Fabrics store.

The need to go to either a Joanne's store or perhaps a Michael's crafts place meant I was going to have to make a trip either to DuBois or to State College because those two towns are the closest places to where I live where they have stores of either of these two chains. This tends to aggravate me a good bit because that also means it is about a 40 mile trip, one way, to get to any of these places so that comes to about 80 miles round-trip and with my gas-guzzling jeep, that comes to about 4 gallon of gas that will be used to do that amount of travel.

And yes, that comes then to a cost of between $14 and $15 dollars for the round trip and that makes it for me a trip I plan so that I can hit more than just one place, run more than just one needed errand, if you will, ya know!

I hadn't planned initially on going to Dubois the day we went there though but as it turned out, Clate's girlfriend had set up a plan to take Maya and Kurtis up to their house Thursday evening to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with her little boy, Ryan, so while she had the kids there, Mandy and I decided to make use of the free time to us and do a quick run to Dubois. Actually, Mandy did need to make a trip there although she'd been there earlier that day when she had Kurtis over to the doctor and he had more allergy testing done.

She'd done a bit of shopping at that time and didn't realize till she got home that an outfit she had found for Kurtis -which was on a sale rack at 30 percent off, that the set rang up at the regular price. So, she had called the store and asked about it and the clerk told her that if she brought the slip in, they would gladly refund her the $12 difference between what she was charged and what the actual sale price should have been, soooo -you see Mandy's and my logic then about going over there since she'd have to make the trip to receive the discount, since I needed to go to that Joanne store -well that savings she would get would cover, pretty much, the gas involved, wouldn't it?

So away we went and Mandy dropped me off at Joanne Fabrics and headed to the store to get her refund. Even though the kids were with Elizabeth that evening we still didn't want to spend too much time out running around because the kids still needed to get back home and not be overly late in going to bed then either.

Which meant when Mandy met me back at the Joanne store, and I was about the get checked out, she was getting a bit antsy then as she saw what it was in my cart that I had purchased -embroidery floss skeins! And not just 5 or 10 of those babies either but a fairly large amount -like close to 40 of 'em! And of course, each one of those little things had to be run through the barcode scanner too. This usually is a fairly rapid job as long as each of those little things on the package show up with no hassles on that machine. Lucky for us, there were only 2 or 3 that the clerk had to stop and work with to get the things to scan but it could have been a whole lot worse, ya know.

But before I forget too, I have a funny little story as well about what had happened with Kurtis earlier in the day when they (Mandy, Kurt and his TSS) had gone to the K-Mart store in Dubois. Kurtis has been there before on numerous occasions with no problems but on Thursday when they pulled up there, he began to fuss and whine, saying he didn't want to go in there, that he didn't like K-Mart and such. So Mandy and Dawn began to question him about why he was having this little hissy fit now about K-Mart. His answer? You ready for this? "I don't want that blue light talking to me!"

Kids! You gotta love the answers they pop out with at times, don't 'cha?


Maggie May said...

Glad you managed to get stocked up. I take for granted living in the city, where I can get most things.
You must have to think twice before going that far and get masses of things to make it worthwhile.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

MY WIFE loves Michael's!

For what it's worth, I don't the damn blue light talking to me, either!

terri said...

I didn't understand Kurt's aversion to the blue light at first, and why he thought it would talk to him. Then I remembered the Kmart commercials and the cartoon talking blue light. He must seem a little creepy to Kurt!