Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spring Ideas?

My son at times can be a strange young man with lots of diverse interests -although the overwhelming focus for him generally tends towards the automotive end.

However, a very good friend of his is heavily into biking -especially participating in various events covering a goodly distance of bike riding -generally mountainous type of terrain too.

Now, my "favorite Son" as he is often called by his sisters and jokingly too by some of his friends, is talking off and  on about getting the same or a similar type bike to what his buddy owns and then, joining him in some of his riding adventures.

Knowing my son, he probably has given little to no thought though about all the things he will need to acquire -beside the prerequisite mountain type bike. Little things ya know -like oh, thule bike racks just for openers -for one example. And of course, can't forget helmets and special gloves and well gee, who knows how many other varied and sundry things he would need to accumulate to do something like this right.

And just when does he think he's going to even have the time to begin to condition his body to have the stamina for riding in things like this anyway when he's already crying now about how, come spring and summer, he never has near enough time off from work as it is to keep his grass all cut and trimmed?

Well, who am I to remind him of those issues?

If he really wants to give it a shot and decides to give it a try, I say go for it, Kid!

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terri said...

Why not? None of us ever has enough time for our hobbies, but hopefully that doesn't stop us from pursuing them!