Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deer Hazards?

I tried to post this last night but couldn't get my computer and Blogger to cooperate so here it is now, a day late but at least the system seems to be up and running again!

I think I've mentioned this before about a program our church has for new mothers in our parish wherein we provide a full meal for the family of the new baby the day or day after the mother and baby come home and then again, the next day after that. Well, this week, our church family had a new addition with the birth of a beautiful little girl to a young couple in our church. And, as we've been doing for several years now, and as the one who administers that program, I had set in place for three people from church to provide supper for the new baby's family.

My daughter had volunteered to be the one to fix the entre and had made a nice meatloaf along with au gratin potatoes. Another lady was providing the salad and rolls or bread and a third was making a dessert.

I got the job of delivering the entre to the family -which I don't mind doing at all as it also gives the opportunity then too of getting to see the new baby too! Always a fun thing ya know.

But on the way back home, as I drove through the little village where the family lives, I got a bit of a scare when a big old deer ran out, right in front of my car!

Lucky for me in that I saw it in time and was able to slow down and avoid hitting it but it went racing across the road and across a yard there of a family who just so happens to have a fairly large in-ground swimming pool. I know that they have a pool cover on that but still it got me to thinking about the whole thing -the deer running at full tilt and what would happen if it would try to run across that covered pool? Would that cover withstand something like that or would the deer end up perhaps crashing through into the water and drown?

I'd sure hate to think something like that might happen to the poor deer, ya know! Although, if the family that lives there are perhaps deer hunters, they might appreciate that as a fast and easier way to acquire a buck or doe, in or out of hunting season and some venison that way too.

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Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad you and the dear didn't meet up physically!