Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Winter Woes?

Okay, I just finished writing about our having run out of fuel oil today and how we're skirting around issues in getting more oil delivered and how to pay for it -all that jazz.

Since we had no oil left in the tank today, Mandy had gone up to the truckstop and purchased five gallons of fuel oil there and dumped it in the furnace. She couldn't remember how to bleed the furnace and reset it but got Ken to come down and do that for us.

However, with the weather as cold as it is right now -and bound to get a whole lot colder tonight -we figured that five gallons probably would barely take us through till tomorrow a.m. so the plan was for her to go get another five gallons of fuel oil to add to that. Ten gallons over the next 24 hours should be adequate, I hope!

So with that in mind, away she went, got the oil and back home but when she went to open the cap to pour the oil in, she found out she apparently had a whole lot more strength than she realized -either that or she'd finagled some welding supplies and managed to get the cap on so tight that she couldn't get it off now!

That'll teach her -maybe -to not fasten things so darned tightly. At least, I hope it will anyway!

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