Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snippets on a Snowy Saturday Morning...

Here it is, Saturday morning, a week to go before the biggest event of the year -in a child's mind anyway -and because I am doing my normal procrastination routines, I decided to add to that by writing a little post here too.

It's snowing -very lightly right now -here and I haven't watched any news programs this morning nor did I click over to the Weather Channel or nose around online at the AccuWeather site either so I have no idea if this snowfall is going to increase, much less if we are going to get any really noticeable accumulation today into tomorrow. I don't mind the flurries we're getting right now at all as that does kind of put me more in the winter and of course, Christmas, mood. But if it is going to switch over to heavier snowfall, that can put a big damper then on the good mood scene ya know.

I've been up since a little over 7 a.m. today -which is quite an early hour for me to be up and awake, especially on a Saturday morning to boot. The fact I gave up puttering around on the computer around midnight and simply went to bed then may have something to do with my waking up so early this morning.

Mandy had a bunch of errands she had to run this morning -one of them she had to be at a place in Clearfield at 7:15 a.m. to pick up a package there for the kids and after that, she had a few other stops to make before she would be ending up with Ken, working on painting the interior of a house a local landlord has up for a rental unit.

So that meant that it was just me and the kids and that hopefully, the kids would be in a good mood and willing to behave nicely to each other. That's always a bit of a dream here but thus far this morning, things have gone relatively smooth.

Note I said "Relatively smooth!" Not that there weren't a few blips on the radar screen so far today.

Kurtis came downstairs this morning, walked past me and gave me instructions "Don't talk to me!" Okay, Buddy -if that's the way you're feeling, a bit uncivilized, I can deal with that and thanks for giving me the heads up so I didn't speak to you then and really ruin your day!

A few minutes later I mentioned to him about maybe having some breakfast and he started to get ready to whine and then, apparently thought better of that idea as he announced he'd like some cereal. So off we headed to the kitchen where he picked out some sugar pops or some such cereal along that line. I suggested maybe he might like some oatmeal instead of the cold cereal but he decided against that so cold cereal he got while Maya and I feasted on some good hot oatmeal, cooked with a dabble of butter and a bit of brown sugar in it to flavor it up a bit! (I LOVE oatmeal fixed that way and so does Maya!)

While I was fixing the oatmeal though, the kids were playing -or at least Maya was playing but with her, it's more like just bossing Kurtis around. She does an excellent job at that! I don't know what the heck kind of game they were supposed to be playing but anyway, she told him he could call himself any name he wanted just as long as it wasn't a Spanish word or a "China word." Hmmmm. Wonder what brought that on?

Breakfast over, dishes soaking now and Kurtis brought some clothes down, asking me to help him get dressed for the day. He had picked out a pair of sweatpants -appropriate for the cold weather, yes -and a tee shirt. Not a matching set but close enough to suit me. The shirt was one I'd never seen before and honestly, it felt like it was maybe brand new so I asked him where he'd found it -thinking maybe he'd found a Christmas gift stash Mandy might have squirreled away upstairs but he said "I think Mommy gotted it at MallMart for me!" (Mallmart, in case you're wondering, is his version of Walmart! And no, I don't think she got this shirt there as it was a really nice, heavier cotten knit tee shirt!

Maya -always the very fashion conscious little girl she is -got dressed and appeared in the living room then, a vision of loveliness for sure in a white, light-weight cotton skirt with a hem that is all in points the whole way around the bottom of the skirt. With that, she had found a really cute little summer-weight cotton knit shirt in a pale pink item with little cap sleeves (very NOT appropriate for the weather today, but that's pretty much the norm for her!) and she's been busy now dancing in circles around the living room, taking time out only briefly to do a little peasant type summer dance routine for me -interspersed with a few insults tossed out to her brother and a few rules of the road for him to follow today.

The peaceful atmosphere ended though when he wanted to read a book and she insisted he couldn't read the one he wanted but rather had to read some other book. When I interrupted their little spat, she stormed away, tossing a bunch of insults back at him -mainly calling him bad and an idiot! When I reprimanded her for that, she then pointed at him and insisted he had just called her a bad word and that "it was the 'A-word, Gram and I'm not lying!" Hmmm. Usually any time Maya insists she's not lying means that she's telling a whopper! But anyway, I then asked Kurtis if he had indeed said the "A-word" and honest as the day is long little guy that he is, he admitted he had said that!

So, now the day is actually beginning to become what is really another "normal" -or more normal anyway- Saturday in this household.

Wonder how many timeouts will be required to keep me in my peaceful, rather tranquil mode today?

And, in case you aren't on Facebook or I haven't sent this little video your way, here's something to watch that might just make you feel really happy after watching it today!

If nothing else, maybe it will put you in a Christmas mood! It sure helped me to make it through the first four hours of my day today!


CiCi said...

You do a good job describing the interaction between your two grandchildren. I think you have an amazing amount of patience and show them love as well as discipline when you need to.

The video is darling. I will send it on to my kids to show their kids.

Maggie May said...

Just a normal Saturday then!

It is very cold here but more wet than anything. I put another blanket on the bed as it was so cold in the night. Hopefully none of the white stuff though northerly parts of England are getting it.

Yes...... in another week they will be all hyped up and there will be a bit of a downer when the novelty of the new toys wears off.

I've been enjoying all the events leading up to Christmas......... carol singing and the like.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Ah, some days are more of a test than others, eh? Nice to have someone honest enough to admit to using "the A-word", though :-)