Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Really Lazy Day!.

The day went fairly well -even though I woke up way too early, like around 6:30 a.m. Anyone who knows me knows that for me to be up and about at that hour it usually means I'm probably thinking about going to bed, getting some sleep and not being up and "at 'em" to start the day!

But that's how my day began anyway. No rhyme or reason for it, just awake so I had toast and coffee then with Mandy as she was getting ready to wake the kids up to get ready for school.

By 11 a.m. though, my wide-awakeness had disappeared. My feet were feeling very, very cold and when that happens, it also seems to send a signal to my sleep center telling it that a nap would be a wonderful way to warm the tootsies up and so I crashed on the sofa for a nice little snooze. I woke up a little after 1 p.m. and was going to go get dressed when a friend showed up at the front door -lovely, my greeting her in my pjs in the middle of the day, but what the heck, ya know. She stopped by to pick up a cookbook that our church women's group put together and we're selling plus, she purchased one of the  Christmas tabletoppers I had embroidered too as a gift for her daughter for Christmas. Which reminds me I should send a Facebook message to a friend of my daughters who bought a whole bunch of my embroidered stuff last year just before the holiday and see if she wants to look at this year's accumulation of stuff I have completed. If I can sell a couple of these pieces it sure would make the bank account very happy!

But anyway, aside from that, it seemed every time I would think about going and getting dressed, someone else would show up before I had a chance to perform that task. (Yes, some days, getting dressed does seem like a task, a chore, to be performed, ya know and today was definitely one of those days!)

Another lady from church stopped by to pick up three of the cookbooks so I managed to sell four of 'em today with barely a flick of a finger. I like that! Keep that inventory level dropping is my current goal!

By that time, the next arrivals were at the door -Kurt's TSS and the mobile therapist who comes every Tuesday to work mainly with Maya but also has Kurt as a client in school too, so she often ends up splitting her time with both kids when she is here.

While they were here with the kids, I had to get supper started as the step-granddaughter was coming down today to spend the evening -supper and time with her siblings which Maya and Kurtis both enjoyed immensely. Mandy had a church council meeting and dinner at the Pastor's house with the council so she was fixing some special cheese-pepper biscuits to take to their dinner while I was cooking supper for the rest of us.  Trying to figure out what to fix is always somewhat of a challenge here because the kids tend to get finicky at mealtime -a lot -but at least the chicken I fixed tonight went over quite well and there's enough of it left that we can polish it off for supper tomorrow now. (I especially like that deal since that means I won't have to deal with trying to come up with another meal to cook. Yippy skippy on that plan!)

After supper, the kids were supposed to be getting ready for bed and were in the bathroom to get Kate, the older sister, to help them when all of a sudden Maya comes out to the living room and announces to me that she has dog poop on her foot! What? How in blazes did she manage that?

Well, although Sammy, the mutt, is housebroken, every now and again, he doesn't come and let us know he needs to go out and well, seems tonight was one of those nights and he had made a deposit in the middle of the bathroom floor which Maya, in her gracefulness, had somehow managed to step in that nice gift! Although we do put down "puppy pads" on the floor in the bathroom for him in case of emergencies during the night, he had not aimed for that item -unfortunately. So as I was cleaning that little mess up, I was grumping to Kate about needing to find some kind of incontinence products geared specifically for dogs!  Yeah, a nice thought, I know and one that wouldn't probably be something needed here if I had managed to get myself clothed adequately earlier in the day and taken Sir Muttley for a nice walk -something I have been extremely lax about doing much of that lately. I really do have to get myself on a decent schedule with the walking routine again! Just that I really haven't got myself accustomed to the cold weather I guess but since it's just going to get colder and colder here over the next 3-4 months, I suppose I best be biting that bullet.

The kids -thankfully -were both in bed or asleep (in Kurt's case, he was crashed on the sofa) by 8 p.m. and I settled back to work on a table runner I'm embroidering now. Didn't get much accomplished on that piece as by 9 p.m., I was asleep in the recliner! Woke up after about a 45 minute nap and saw Kate had apparently gone upstairs and crashed in one of the kids bedrooms. Mandy got home from her meeting around 10 p.m. and she too was beat, so she went to bed shortly thereafter too.

And there I was at 10 p.m. then, wide awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as the old saying goes. Well, to be honest, really I was just awake -not exactly bright-eyed and definitely not the latter part of that expression either!

I remembered then that I had promised to e-mail a video I got earlier in the day from an online Swedish magazine site I read to the lady who had purchased the three cookbooks so I had to rummage through my facebook wall to find the website and url for that video. This particular video is almost all in Swedish -which I do not understand as I probably only know maybe 10, perhaps 15 words in Swedish at most but regardless of that aspect, I had very much enjoyed watching this piece this morning as the music is just beautiful! It's a concert filmed last year at a concert in Sweden in honor of, who else, St. Lucia! And how appropriate that this video landed on my facebook on my computer on St. Lucia Day too!

I had thought earlier in the day to e-mail it to a few of my Swedish cousins and one of them, my cousin Paul, had written back to thank me for sending it to him saying it made him feel very proud to be of Swedish ancestry. And knowing he'd enjoyed seeing that then made me feel really good too!

 It's a long video -almost a hour in length -but I'm going to post the url for it here so if anyone is interested in hearing some beautiful music, sit back and listen to it!
I got so carried away listening to the music on this video that I spent about the next two hours tonight then surfing through more Swedish Christmas videos online and enjoying listening to the music of my ancestry.

A great way to end my day and who knows, maybe when I do go to bed tonight I'll have pleasant dreams about Christmas that will help give me a little more incentive to get some things accomplished over the next few days -baking, getting things in order in the house a bit for the holiday and such.

Maybe it will help me to not be quite this lazy again for a long, long time too!

Now there's a dream, for sure!

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terri said...

Every once in a while you just need one of those lazy days. At least I do. Lord knows you probably make up for it with way more days that are just the opposite - busy, scheduled, full of accomplishments.