Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gonna Be Some Rough Sailing Ahead

I guess I can share this latest bit of news here now. What's one more item in a long list of problems from time to time? Right?

Well, hopefully this bit of news will work out for the absolute best though -once I get through all the pain in the dupa stuff of something called "withdrawal."

I've thought about this for a long, long time now. Actually, I did successfully do this about 12-13 years ago. (WOW! Has it been that darned long?) Granted it only held up for a little over three months but at least I know if I put myself really to the test, I can do it.

I started about a little over a week ago now to quit smoking!

And boy, if it was a tough thing to try to do 13 years ago, imagine what it's like now since I've been indulging in this bad -really bad -habit for darned near 50 years now!

Isn't it just incredible how stupid we can be and how easily ingrained things like this become too?

I haven't managed as yet to stop completely. So far, I've been able to cut back from a bit over 2 packs a day down to 1 pack a day and today, so far, I've only had 3 cigarettes.

 I don't really want to put myself through the full anxiety of going completely cold turkey but rather to wean myself off so that perhaps the physical and psychological aspects of this addiction will wan away somewhat before I stop completely.

I have no idea if my game plan will work or not but I'm gonna find out.

Only two people had been aware so far that I was trying to quit -both of them blogger friends and both of them smokers too. My good pals Jim at Suldog and Dave at Rather Than Working. Jim, to my knowledge, is still smoking but Dave has been trying to go cold turkey for a little over a week now too. If we're both successful, maybe we can through a "virtual" stopped smoking party sometime in the future and celebrate!

Mandy didn't even realize until this afternoon -after I had smoked the last two cigarettes in my pack and bummed one from her -that I was actually trying to quit.

I'm hoping and yes, praying too, that I am successful at this venture and also, that if I can succeed, perhaps I can get Mandy to stop as well.

Just think. If we both quit, we could darned near be rich in a year's time with all the money we could save!

Now that alone should be darned good incentive for either or both of us. I know if I can make this work it will sure make several doctors very happy too!

Wish me luck and please, say a little prayer for me while you're at it too, will ya?


Travis Cody said...

You can do it!

terri said...

I will say prayers for you! It's tough but you can do it. I know. I did it about five or so years ago. :-)