Monday, December 26, 2011

Let The Games Begin!

Today -Monday, the day after Christmas -begins what has to be akin to Black Friday, don't 'cha think?

It's time now for folks everywhere to flood the stores with returned merchandise and then, the opportunity to partake -of course -in those great, big "After Christmas" clearance sales!

I personally love these sales and usually do try to get out at some point to look over what's left, what's been marked down to a bargain basement price, that's for sure. But with all the stuff the kids got for Christmas, considering my closet it already filled to the brim (but of course, who can't always use some new duds, huh?), and cash is still a bit on the slim pickings side of things, I may pass on these golden opportunities this year.

Well, I say that today but who knows, by Friday -if the weather is decent -I might just have a change of heart too.

Anyway -if you like these bargain days, here's hoping you have happy shopping at 'em! Start the New Year off right with some good savings maybe?

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terri said...

I don't usually do much shopping after Christmas, but there's a Macy's right near my office and I couldn't help wandering through the clearances this year! Got a great hat for Kacey at half off. Hard to pass up that kind of stuff. I do love a good bargain!