Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New and Different Realm Ahead!

This morning -that would be Tuesday morning to those of you reading this and not yesterday (Monday morning) as time in my world functions a bit differently than for those normal kind of folks -things are going to happen that will produce a whole lot of changes in my world.

Mandy has to take Kurtis for a check-up with an audiologist for hearing tests and to have the tubes in his ears checked out and after that, the changes will begin for us.

Those changes will be Allergy Shots!

When he comes back home, we have to begin trying to eliminate the many things which he has tested positive for on the allergy scales and many of those items are dietary measures.

We are going to have to remove several foods from his diet for the next 8 weeks and after that, we can begin re-introducing them to him again to gauge for any reactions.

Among the foods to be removed -first up is pork products! Mandy deliberately had the shot regime delayed until after Christmas since we had been planning on having ham for Christmas dinner and that just happens to be one of the meats the boy would willingly eat. That, as well as sausage, pork chops and bacon are going to limit not just him but us too over the next two months.

Green beans and peas are also on the list for removal too and of course, wouldn't you just know it, about the only other vegetable he would eat besides those two is broccoli but thankfully, that one isn't on the endangered species list.

But the biggest change for me is going to mean a total change in the way I cook other things because high on the list are onions and garlic -two substances which are staples in my cooking repertoire. Mandy, who has always professed to hate onions, had to adjust to the fact, early on, that Mom used onions in almost everything that got cooked here and she survived okay. But there's a big difference between like and dislike and allergic or not too, so I will, however grudgingly -and probably with a great deal of difficulty for me too -try to adapt my cooking to work without those seemingly all important onions!

Who know too but when this 8-week ordeal is over and done with, maybe I'll have enough skills using other seasonings and such that I could apply for some Chef de Partie Jobs some place or other.

Never rule out any possibilities, ya know! But truthfully, I'm hoping that things never come to that extreme.


Travis Cody said...

I can't imagine growing up with food allergies. Hay fever was about as much as I could tolerate.

Linda said...

Oh dear, sounds like you've definitely got some changes ahead when it comes to how you cook but I've got no doubt that you'll master them nicely.

I've been fortunate to never have any food allergies, nor have any of the kids - well, unless you count cinnamon chewing gum as it makes my whole mouth break out but that's easy enough to avoid!

terri said...

Sounds like a challenge for sure. But I'll bet you're right. You'll probably figure out some new and interesting things to cook in the process.