Friday, December 30, 2011

Steady Business!

Boy, that cookbook our church women's group put together this past summer and were able to begin selling it in early November has turned into quite the handy-dandy little enterprise for us.

No, we haven't yet sold out our inventory of cookbooks but now, we're running into other things that we're trying to address. So far, it's not become problematic, but I think we're going to have to set up some sort of program to address our needs if/when we do have to re-order reprints of our book.

It's not so drastic that we would need to invest in document imaging software or anything like that but I do believe I'll have to set up some type of program -perhaps just some relatively simple thing in Excel or something like that will do the trick, at least I'm hoping that's all we'll need.

The thing here is how to handle things if we do need to order reprints because of the way the Publishing Company would bill us for reprints. We would only have 30 some days to return the FULL payment for the order and to be able to do that, we would have to have a way to trace that we have enough requests for more books to cover that reprinting cost completely and that's what worries me -how to track that and guarantee the income to our treasury, ya know.

We're not to that point just yet, but if and when that time does come, I want to have myself prepared on how we can and will handle that tracking!

Leave no stone unturned, as the old saying goes, ya know!

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terri said...

Well, this sounds like a good problem to have! Sales are so successful, you're worried about needing to order more. Congratulations! All your hard work is paying off.