Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping Spree?

So, have I mentioned before that Miss Maya has an obsession? Well, actually Miss Maya has more than one obsession but the one she has that sometimes has been known to drive her Mom and me a bit bonkers pertains to shoes!

She is so much like her Aunt Carrie in this respect as she figured out -after we let her play on the computer a bit now and then -how to find various websites that have shoes for sale!

Just a darned good thing that she doesn't have a clue about how to order stuff online yet, that much is for sure!

But she has learned how to bookmark the sites she loves to look at and she does frequently click into them and likes to point out to us exactly which shoes she thinks we should order for her too!

Yeah and I stumbled on some of her favorite bookmarked sites recently too! Like this one that she had pointed out to her Mom that she really does need a pair -or several pairs actually -of easy spirit sneakers!

Nice try, Maya, but you already have two pair of sneakers that fit you just fine and dandy so I don't see that as being in your cards for a Christmas gift -at least not this year!

Of course, if she tells her Aunt Carrie about this major need in her life -more shoes -it's entirely possible that she will at some point in the future be able to con her aunt into getting her another pair -just so she has a different pair of shoes for virtually every outfit she owns, ya know!

That's an idea that Aunt Carrie would definitely believe is something everyone should have, judging by the number of pairs of shoes she already owns too!


Suldog said...

I've never understood the obsession with shoes. Most times, I'm happiest without them. When I have to wear them, I have one pair of dress blacks (bought them for my wedding, twenty years ago, and they're still great) and about three or four pair of the same style sneakers.

terri said...

Well, knowing what I do about Maya, having read all the things you've written about her, this doesn't surprise me in the least. She is definitely a girly-girl and shoes are a must-have for her!