Monday, December 12, 2011

Try Anything...

Did I ever mention to you one reason -aside from the cold, snow, high fuel costs, bad road conditions -that I tend to dislike about winter -like dry, itchy, flaky skin?

Well, I'm telling you about it now cause it's a bit of a problem for me as well as for both my daughters too!

It can get mighty embarrassing too at times when your skin -especially on your stomach and abdomen, to say nothing of your backside, legs, arms -all over -begins to itch all the time. You can try all kinds of remedies to cure or at least curb this problem but if it in fact is caused by psoriasis  in particular, good luck in getting any relief from this condition!

Mandy and I are both about ready to try anything we can get our hands on now to relieve the dry, itchy symptoms we're both dealing with now -including even going so far perhaps as to try something we'd never heard of before - seaweed powder!

I'll be honest and say I have no clue if this stuff works or not -the way it says it is supposed to do -but believe you me, we're both considering telling folks we'd appreciate this item as a nice Christmas gift and hopefully, we even get a tad of relief from this stuff in the process then!

Just about anything at times seems to be worth a try.


Travis Cody said...

My knuckles crack and split until they get bloody. I hate dry skin. I have to use Lubriderm after every hand washing to prevent the cracking and bleeding.

terri said...

Mark and I have had pretty good luck with Aveeno lotion. It's more expensive than the other brands, but really seems to work.

He gets really itchy in the winter months though. Maybe HE should try the seaweed powder! :-)