Friday, December 30, 2011

Innovative Name...

This morning, I had to take food out to church to be served at a dinner after the funeral today for one of our elderly -and very strong -members who died on Christmas Day. And also, I had to work in the kitchen then too to help the other women there in serving and clean-up, of course, after the meal.

These events, while sad are also nice occasions in many other respects though too. For openers, if it involves a family you may be really familiar and close with, it provides an opportunity to see and have a chance to talk to people you don't get a chance to see very often otherwise. That was definitely the case with the funeral today as the gentleman who died was a brother to one of my close-by neighbors, whose wife is also one of my closest friends. As a result, all five of their children were present plus most of their grandchildren as well so I had a chance then to visit a bit with their kids. An added bonus is that I also know another sister-in-law of the man and her children too -and those kids and their Mom I rarely get a chance to see them so it was doubly nice for me to have the opportunity to visit with that branch of that family too.

But in addition, because the women who generally work to help put one of these dinners together is usually pretty much the same people from our women's group but today, was a bit different as one lady who was there to help today rarely is able to work at anything like this because she works full-time but it just so happens that this week, she had the entire week off from work, so she came up and gave a hand then too.

What was fun about that is that one of her sons is getting married this spring so she's just full of all kinds of things going on in her life right now as she's trying to help her son and future daughter-in-law in the planning phases for their wedding. She was discussing a bit today about the work involved in getting a florist -for openers -as well as wedding invitations too. She kept talking about Checkerboard Wedding Invitations which initially threw me for a bit of a loop as I couldn't figure out what the heck a Checkerboard Wedding Invitation was. Yes, I can be more than a bit dense at times! Imagine my surprise when she said that was the name of an online company the kids were checking out as a possible place to order their invitations -and not, as I had initially thought, the type of invitation they were getting!

Sometimes, I really do amaze myself when I don't fully understand some things!


Maggie May said...

I've never heard of checkerboard invitations, either.

I think you are marvellous the way you manage to make all these fabulous things to eat for the church, at a moments notice.
Wishing you all a Happy new Year.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

oldereyes said...

It is interesting how funerals can bring us together with people in way that other events don't. I think it's because the occasion opens our hearts. Maybe we ought to all have our funerals BEFORE we die.