Thursday, December 01, 2011


Every Sunday, after church, I take a quick run up to the local grocery store to pick up a copy of the Sunday edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

I used to purchase the local Sunday paper -published by the Centre Daily Times -but when they stopped including a tv guide magazine thing and also, quite running a good Sunday crossword puzzle and stopped carrying either Dear Abby or Ann Landers column, I stopped buying their Sunday paper and switched to the Pittsburgh paper's Sunday edition.

They have a decent enough tv guide section that, combined with the one in our local daily paper in their Friday edition I can generally get a fair-to-middling idea of what is being shown on the channels available in our cable system. Plus, the Pittsburgh paper also has two wicked crossword puzzles every Sunday and occasionally, they also run a third crossword puzzle too. Unfortunately, they DO NOT carry the advice column but in truth, my main interests were in the tv guide and crossword puzzles anyway.

However, it has become an even more important purchase for us to make EVERY Sunday now because my daughters -yes, both of them -have become addicted to trying their hand at copying those shoppers on the "Extreme Couponing" program on tv! So, if older daughter happens to be here or is coming here for dinner only on a Sunday, I now have to buy two of the Pittsburgh papers along with the Philly Inquirer -just so my daughters have access to more coupons!

However, I had a little fun with them and their slight addiction recently when I told them I had come across this web site that offered not just regular but the best buy coupons you could get anywhere!

I'm just sorry that I couldn't see the look on their faces though when they opened that website as I was on my way out the door when I told the girls about that url!

Always nice to prank my daughters when I get a chance!

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